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Warning: Ill-natured post.

Warning: Ill-natured post. published on

So I’ve been looking at the message board for a Facebook game.

I know that I yelled at my cold cream the other day, and I made libelous remarks about Octavia Butler due to my displeasure at her having gotten Serious all over me, and I suggested that Lois McMaster Bujold’s latest series might have been the result of a stroke or head injury. And I may have threatened Nalini Singh’s pets.

But… I’m not serious about these things? I think I would feel kind of embarrassed if people thought I was truly distraught about my cold cream, or seriously angry at writers for not meeting all of my expectations. Yet I think these people on Facebook are seriously angry at the programmers of the little farm game.

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Cute things

Cute things published on

Ed Book is a nature photographer whose photo blog I’ve been reading for like… six years? I know I found it before I left home for college. Generally he’ll post pictures of hawks or foggy lakes or snow on mountains or suchlike, and talk about nice people and their dogs he met while out working. He’s in his sixties and has a large, impressive beard. His usericons are all picture of himself looking like he’s about to, you know, cut down a tree or sail a shrimp boat or deliver presents to all the children of the world. He ends every post with the word “peace.”

Sometime in the last couple weeks he appears to have discovered Rickrolling. I was a little startled.

(He only does it under friends-lock, so you will have to friend him if you don’t want to take my word for it. He just now made a gleeful post about doing it to some telemarketers.)

Thoughts I apologize for having.

Thoughts I apologize for having. published on

Some Guy In Pokemon Pearl: I am a sailor because I love the Pokemon of the sea! *sends out a Feebas*

Me: Wait-a-second – Feebas is a freshwater fish!

(Feebas is not a freshwater fish, because a) Feebas is a Pokemon, not a fish, and b) Feebas isn’t real.)

An apparent SEO company named “[chapeau noir] [software facilitating dual-booting of Windows on Mac OS X]” has been spamming me in ways that deliberately reveal who they are. Is this supposed to convince me to purchase their services? I mean, some of the spam looks like this:

Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at [company’s url]. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

I cannot properly describe all the ways in which this message fails to inspire me to give you money, ridiculous SEO company.

It’s raining in Shanghai.

It’s raining in Shanghai. published on

I don’t know if this is new or I’m unobservant or what, but I just realized there’s a comments section under Yahoo Weather (or, Yahoo!7 Weather, which appears to have been left behind by all Yahoo’s redesigns since 1998). And it’s the same comments section for every region covered. People say helpful stuff like “I hate this weather” and “good to get some rain” without realizing that no one who reads the message will know where they are. Maybe it’s some kind of postmodern art exhibit.

Why do you need Momo?

Why do you need Momo? published on

Problems with which, according to my statistics, my website has failed to help people over the past two months:

why people hold grudges
i cuss too much
mangaka cant draw
why do i have self-destructive impulses
how do i find out if someone faked death
am i serious
can i borrow momo for a week?
serious deep thoughts
what is the longest someone s gone without bathing?
fuck alla yalls
plastic raincoates for gays
these brain numbers

Random notes about Google Chrome

Random notes about Google Chrome published on

* Definitely still in beta.

* The scroll-bar thingie on my touchpad scrolls down, but not up. (I assume this is at least partly because of some problem with my computer itself, since I’ve had similar issues on a few other applications, but those were all either kinda-crappy-open-source-projects or Second Life.)

* YouTube videos crash sometimes. What? Why? Don’t you guys, I mean, own YouTube? Some of Chrome’s documentation is hosted on YouTube.

* Sometimes there are artifacts left on screen after I select and then deselect something.

* The search-within-a-page-thing is apparently only accessible through a menu in the upper right. It doesn’t look like you can set it up to start searching whenever you start typing, a technique I use constantly in Firefox.

* WordPress interface looks a little weird – there’s something resembling a “resize-here” point stuck into the bottom left of my text box.

* It’s pretty; the import from Firefox was smooth; address bar recommendations are thus far rarely confusing/irritating; I haven’t managed to make it crash yet; and double-clicking within a paragraph selects the whole thing, which is good (though sometimes the selection areas are shaped funny). And I like that the status bar only pops up when you mouseover a link, since checking URLs is all I do with it. This might cause problems for those 90’s-awesome websites that use Javascript to put Sylvia Plath poetry and stuff down there (though I haven’t yet searched one out to check).

* Not about Chrome specifically, but seriously, people – what is this thing with browser spellcheckers not recognizing stuff like “spellchecker,” “touchpad,” “Javascript,” “href” and “deselect?” Are these terms’ applications for “real” status still pending? It’s not like there’s some federal word review board that’ll get on you for including common non-OED words and HTML tags in the damn spellchecker.

* Edit: Ha! I made it crash immediately after posting this! I tried to disable the SnapShots mouseover boxes on LiveJournal, and it crashed so hard Vista wouldn’t let it use its recovery thing.

I don’t know how I found this.

I don’t know how I found this. published on


Sam is a broken young man, whose job as a film critic is just starting to take off, even as his personal life is crashing down around him. His relationship with Marcus, God of Fear, turned out to be a horrible mistake.

(It has great cover art, too! It’s just so pleasant and domestic-looking. One of those objects is probably supposed to be a whip, but it’s so badly drawn it’s impossible to tell for sure.)

published on

A WordPress plugin that works up to at least 2.5.1 that does threaded comments and email notifications, and seems to work fine so far. (The templates it includes are pretty bad, though – I had to put together my own.) If this had gone up a few days later, I’d suspect that the guy timed it to coincide with LiveJournal’s most recent episode of cleverness.

(I still haven’t found anything that mimics friends-lock functionality perfectly. It would probably have to combine OpenIDs and something like this.)

Why Yahoo Private Domain Registration Is Not Private

Why Yahoo Private Domain Registration Is Not Private published on 12 Comments on Why Yahoo Private Domain Registration Is Not Private

In short:

It’s not possible to either transfer or cancel a domain registered this way without making your personal information public. Yahoo’s description of the service is dishonest about this.

At length:

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PSA: Yahoo are jerks

PSA: Yahoo are jerks published on

If you have any domains registered at Yahoo, you might want to move them – as of tomorrow, they’re apparently upping their yearly fee to $35. This is just for a basic .com domain with no special features. And they’re being sneaky about it.

(I’m really glad now that I invaded Former Employer and insisted I move their site to a different host last time I was home. If Yahoo decided to raise hosting prices, too, they probably wouldn’t have noticed until they’d started getting charged. As it is, I’m going to email them and ask if I should go ahead transfer their domain, too.)


Moomin-related published on

On YouTube I found a video of the Hemulen from Moominland Midwinter dying horribly. I have no idea what they’re saying, being as it is in Swedish Finnish, says the person in the comments, and all.

Also, this guy’s YouTube channel seems to have the entirety of the felt-puppets Moomin show. It is nice and creepy. “And the Lady of the Cold left the squirrel for dead, frozen stiff on the ground. Little My said, “Not to worry, we can give him a lovely funeral!” And so the horse of ice carried the squirrel away to their own frozen world!”

(It calls Too-ticky “he.” She’s a girl! She’s based on Jansson’s wife! Apparently people get confused because Swedish doesn’t have gendered pronouns?)

I walked all over Osu-Kannon today, and also I am in the middle of my routine bioform cleansing, so random places on my body feel cold and others feel like they have already fallen off. But I have acquired The Items. I hope the post office is open tomorrow.