Oct 29 2008


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In WordPress? Never use the automatic upgrader for plugins. It broke my whole installation today, and I spent two hours today putting it back together.

(Edit several hours later: Actually, the LiveJournal crossposter’s still broken. Additionally I hate everything, including you.)

Jul 19 2008

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A WordPress plugin that works up to at least 2.5.1 that does threaded comments and email notifications, and seems to work fine so far. (The templates it includes are pretty bad, though – I had to put together my own.) If this had gone up a few days later, I’d suspect that the guy timed it to coincide with LiveJournal’s most recent episode of cleverness.

(I still haven’t found anything that mimics friends-lock functionality perfectly. It would probably have to combine OpenIDs and something like this.)

Jul 13 2008

How to Retrieve WordPress Comments Accidentally Marked As Spam

WordPress doesn’t delete comments you mark as spam – they remain in the database to help train the spam catcher. If you accidentally mark a real comment as spam (or, perchance, a whole page of them), and you have access to phpMyAdmin, you can get it back pretty easily.

Standard disclaimers: This is for WordPress 2.5.1 – I don’t know if the database is organized in exactly this way in all previous versions, or whether they’re going to change it in later versions. Don’t do anything big with this without backing up your database, and don’t do it at all if the idea of messing around with MySQL by yourself scares you. I suspect there are plugins that’ll help you with comment recovery out there – go look for one if you’re worried you’ll mess something up. (But back up your database anyway. No, seriously. There’s a plugin for that.)

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Jul 12 2008

New WordPress theme

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I took someone else’s perfectly respectable-looking theme and covered it with pictures of Sechs. I think I’m now incapable of identifying my website as my own if it doesn’t have a grumpy Sechs picture on it. Oliver Sacks will write a case study on this phenomenon.

Jul 08 2008

Things that are awesome.

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Blogs about WordPress themes whose own themes are broken.

(If anyone knows a good fluid-width two-column theme with a really robust options page, preferably one that plays nice with OpenID comments, tell me. The latest update pretty much broke all my customization, and I’m too lazy to fix it.)

Jul 04 2008

How to Get WordPress Working Under PHP safe_mode on NearlyFreeSpeech.net

NearlyFreeSpeech.net does not get along well with a brand-new WordPress installation. The WordPress installation will do stuff like this:

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Apr 18 2008

No human person ever hated PHP safe mode as much as I do.

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And I didn’t even understand what it was this morning.

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Mar 31 2008

Dad says I cuss too much.

Man, pirating software is hard work. I have like a whole new respect for message board assholes.

I made Mom play the first chapter of Phoenix Wright the other day. She yelled inscrutable legal stuff at it the whole time and refuses to touch it again.

I also totally broke the blog the other day trying to do a test-run of copying it to a new server. I’m all grumpy at WordPress now. What is this forwarding bullshit you do? This is massively inappropriate, and the solution is fucking non-intuitive and for some reason broke all my Unicode characters. I’m not upgrading to this fucking 2.5 of yours until it’s been out at least three months and I know I can recreate all this work I’ve done messing around with PHP and hacking these fucking plugins to make them fucking work like I fucking want. Fucking.

The Mexican restaurant in town always has Star Trek playing. It’s really depressing to me I can hear a random line of dialog from Voyager and go, “Hold it, that totally contradicts that stupid episode where the Doctor’s fucking registry got corrupted or whatever!” I need rewrite privileges for my brain. That is space I could be using for kanji.

Mar 12 2008

You’d think the people who localized Professor Layton would be paying attention to what the people who localized Phoenix Wright were doing. But I guess not. Evil women with mysterious doubles should clearly always be named Dahlia, and the double’s name should be that of a purple flower.

Anyway, this game is really cute, but I have to have scratch paper around when I’m playing it.


For writing class today, we made posters describing where we’re from, because language school is sort of like pre-school, but with more emphasis on vocabulary relating to intoxication. A scene from today’s class:

*I am dubiously considering the way I wrote “marijuana,” because I think it might be wrong.*

Great Artist-san: What is the kanji for “kami”?

Dragon-san: What? “Kami” for paper?

Great Artist-san: No, no, “kami-sama” – “kami” for God. I have to write “Brazil: God’s Country!”

Me: What?! No! America is God’s country! Don’t you people have TVs?!

Fuzzy-san: Hungary is obviously God’s country.

Great Artist-san: Is Taiwan God’s country?

Dragon-san, disgustedly: No.


I just upgraded WordPress in hopes that it will make comment notification start working. Thus far it seems to have broken my ability to preview in-progress posts and use the Open-ID thingie. Fuck you, WordPress.

Aug 05 2007


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Testing LJXP WordPress plugin…

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Sep 13 2006


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Last week, I decided to mirror copies of my LiveJournal posts over onto my website for paranoia reasons. I think I’m pretty much done now. I don’t know if I’m going to bother making the mirror keep up with the LiveJournal perfectly unless I can find a way to do it automatically.

Anyway. Notes on exporting stuff from LiveJournal to WordPress:

* Make sure the WordPress content directories have their permissions set up all nice before you start. It might not work right anyway, though.

* Set the correct time zone in WordPress before you start. WordPress and LiveJournal don’t communicate well about this – all your imported posts will end up with the wrong time stamp if you’re not in the time zone WordPress thinks you are.

* * And apparently Daylight Savings doesn’t sync up right no matter what you do. What the hell.

* It’s the XML export option, not the default CSV one.

* LiveJournal-specific code – lj-cuts and user- and community-names – won’t go through right. It just gets erased. (Not the stuff under lj-cut tags, just the tags themselves.) For user- and community-names, I just uploaded the little graphics to my server and manually put in fake tags. This will be over-labor-intensive for people who write more than I do.

There’s no WordPress equivalent to an LJ-cut; I eventually ended up manually setting up fake cuts that led back to the LiveJournal. This won’t work for people who write more than I do, or are planning to erase the LiveJournal. (I also made invisible posts containing all the cut text, to keep all my data nice and safe.)

* Apropos of the invisible double-posts – you can *have* two posts for exactly the same time, but only one will show up at a time on a list-page that should show both. My solution was to set the double-posts’ times one second back.

* Tags (“categories”) won’t transfer over, either.

* The “Uncategorized” category doesn’t disappear automatically once you’ve, you know, categorized a post – you have to actually remove it. And WordPress has no mass-edit options.

* In WordPress, “publish” means “make visible to all” – if you’ve set a post to “private,” hitting “publish” will undo it. Hit “save” instead.

* When viewing the blog while logged in as an administrator, there’s nothing to differentiate private posts from public ones. There doesn’t seem to be a way to view only the private posts, either. This is annoying.

* If you’re changing the permalink style and WordPress says, “You should update your .htaccess now” at the very top of the page, scroll down to the very bottom. There’s a box down there that explains what it wants.

* It’s kind of messed-up how the LiveJournal spellchecker doesn’t recognize “LiveJournal,” “LJ,” “blog,” “permalink,” and “href.”