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Important Japanese language research

Important Japanese language research published on

I think I may have discovered Japanese fandom’s equivalent term for “little black dress” – I think it’s “kokontouzai” (古今東西), which means basically “whenever wherever.” I have come to this conclusion entirely because someone called Oroshi’s blog calls Frog that.

Look, I even translated the relevant part of the entry! Very badly. Please correct me if you see mistakes because this is SERIOUS ACADEMIC WORK GOING ON RIGHT HERE.

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I love Chrono Trigger so much.

I love Chrono Trigger so much. published on

And I discover new reasons to love it every time I replay it! For instance, thanks to the internet, I now know why the cavewoman’s name is “Ayla.” I didn’t last time! It enhances the experience!

Also, either the SNES translation lied to me, or I’ve had my gender-default goggles and and missed evidence to the contrary – the DS translation assures me that the ruler of the dinosaur people, Azala, is a woman! I thought she was a guy before. This is actually pretty consistent with the game’s ideas about power, because with the exception of Magus, all the other active political leaders in the game are female. We see Ayla, Queen Leene, and Queen Zeal moving around and doing things and interacting with people, but the male leaders – the two kings, the various village elders, the other cavepeople leader – are mostly shown sitting or standing still. Sometimes they get hurt, or somebody betrays them. This is an uncommon reversal! It makes me happy!

Lucca panicking and issuing denials regarding her sexuality when Ayla says she likes strong women is hilarious. I can’t believe I missed that. Was it different in the SNES translation?

The DS port of Chrono Trigger has a new translation!

The DS port of Chrono Trigger has a new translation! published on

And Frog doesn’t talk all forsooth-y anymore!


I knew that he talked normally in the original Japanese, but it’s still kind of startling. The Frog in my heart will always use “thou” incorrectly. And I will be so sad if Magus isn’t a little emo kid dripping ellipses all over everything.

This is important information.

This is important information. published on

My orcish hunter has had a pig for a pet since the beginning of the game, but I never named it because I could never think of anything I liked enough. I was in the Hinterlands today, and this obviously led me to think about Song for the Basilisk (and how Luna Pellior is the most McKillip-y name McKillip’s ever done), which obviously made me think about the Riddlemaster books (and how there is probably Morgon/Astrin fanfic), which led me to the realization that my level-53 pig’s name should be Hegdis-Noon, the Talking Pig of Hel.

Though that wouldn’t fit, so he’s just Hegdisnoon.

Oh, Seyonne. You redeemer, you.

Oh, Seyonne. You redeemer, you. published on

Self-destructively, I finished the second of Carol Berg’s Rai-kirah books and am working on the third. This is the basic plot progression of the series. I’m spoiling everything right here! Click on the cut only if you wish to bask in the brilliance of the best plot arc ever!

(The most recent Penny Arcade may be relevant to this post’s interests.)

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World of Warcraft is funny

World of Warcraft is funny published on

“First up, bad news: the Glyph of Windfury Weapon now does not add the additional attack power. You can panic now. This is bad enough that I’ll be devoting all of next week’s column to it.”

Reading WoW blogs gives me perspective. Whatever my problems may be, at least they’re not as bad as that glyph thing.

I have purchased a toaster oven.

I have purchased a toaster oven. published on

It feels like some sort of minuscule adulthood rite of passage, buying a kitchen appliance for myself.

Also, standing in the grocery store’s massive liquor section* and doing math in my head, I chose to buy one of the big things of Baileys instead of a little one, calculating that it would be about 70 yen cheaper per ounce. I think this is also some sort of rite of passage, but it might not be an “adulthood” one per se. A dissolute, girly adulthood rite of passage. I then came home and drank spiked hot chocolate and leveled my orcish hunter to 45.

(Apparently the Ice Stone has melted, you guys.)

* It’s a spirits aisle, a beer aisle, a wine aisle, and a bunch of wine displays spilling out into the housewares section. It sprawls.


Busy! published on

Accomplishments this weekend:

* I purchased, laboriously hauled home, and assembled a small wooden shelving unit for the kitchen. This all makes me feel very macho. I even managed to avoid putting any the sections in with the unfinished side wrong-way-around.

* I rearranged the kitchen to accommodate said shelving unit. I have put a power strip in there and plugged both the microwave and rice cooker into it; I will hope that this doesn’t overstrain it.

* Got a case and inkpad for my hanko, so I can actually use it if necessary. (It hasn’t been necessary so far.)

* Until today I’d only been able to find one ATM that would take my American debit card, and it was twenty-five minutes walk away and in the middle of nowhere. But now I’ve I located another – it’s also twenty-five minutes away, but it’s in a big shopping center, so I can combine errands. And I’m 99% sure I’ve found a third, five minutes away FTW! I have enough cash that I haven’t tested that one yet, but it’s a Japan Post Yucho machine, and those all seem happy with American cards.

* Deposited some money in my Japanese account so I can get a cell phone.

* Failed to actually get a cell phone, because the place I went to didn’t have any English-language pamphlets. Japanese cell phone plans are intentionally complicated – they’re mostly incomprehensible even in translation. I’m not giving these people any money without English documentation. Will try at another store before work tomorrow. (I know the damn pamphlets exist because I saw them in Tokyo and Okazaki.)

* Discovered a good reason, aside from fashion, to have a matching hat-scarf set: The scarf’s presence around your neck makes it very easy to prove to the Lost and Found people that you are also the owner of the hat.

I own four hats, and have now lost and recovered three of them once apiece. I wonder if, when I finally go through this process with the fourth, I will at last be safe, or if the cycle will simply begin anew.

* Finally remembered to buy headphones.

* Examined prices for curtains and toaster ovens, items I intend to purchase when I finally get my friggin’ paycheck.

* Totally failed to pick up my resident alien card. I have to do that sometime between today and a week from today or a Bureaucratic Nightmare Possibly Ending In Deportation will ensue, and I had made an entry on Google Calenders to remind me to do it today, and Google Calenders didn’t send me the damn reminder email argh. It would have been a lot cheaper to do it today because I would’ve had time to take the damn bus, but if I have to get it done before work I’ll probably have to take a cab.

* Totally failed to do any lesson planning yet. But I have Ideas. I think I’m going to do a holiday thing and teach the older kids about Lupercalia.

* Levelled my Tauren Druid up to 125 in Enchanting. (Why can the horrible Native American stereotypes become moronic Celtic stereotypes…?) This isn’t actually an accomplishment.

What Happened Today (or, yesterday, by now)

What Happened Today (or, yesterday, by now) published on

* I wake up way too early because the house is freezing.

* There is a holiday-related thing I need to do before one of my sisters wakes up – this would be a good time to do it. I forget, turn the heat on, and go back to sleep.

* I get up at 11:00, feeling sick because I slept way too long. My sisters are both awake already.

* I realize that I forgot to call the Japanese consulate yesterday to ask where the heck my visa is – it should have shown up Monday at the latest. I call.

* They never received one of my forms, and they need it – in the original – before they can issue the visa. (I spent like $35 bucks sending all this crap two weeks ago, did I mention that?) Upon being told that I’m leaving the country in less than two weeks – about half of which are vacation days for the consulate, and several of which are vacation days for the post office – the woman I talk to says that I fax them the form today, she’ll try to get it out in the mail before they close. But I really need to mail in an original, too.

* The printer is fucking broken.

* We don’t have a fax machine anyway. The eighties have been over for like at least fifteen fucking years, I checked.

* I call Mom and ask if her office has a working printer and fax machine – it does – and say I’ll be there in a few minutes.

* And the car is gone. thegeekgene took it someplace. I break into her room and eat her N64.

* I call Mom and ask her if she can come get me.

* It occurs to me when we’re halfway there I could have just done the fax part of this from the house, because we do have a working scanner, I know how to use Photoshop, and exists.

* After faxing the form, I go pick up some stuff for Mom, then go to the post office to mail the hard-copy. I lock myself out of the car. I call Mom and discover that this car has only one key. Two expensive and highly cold-sensitive presents are trapped inside.

* I go into the post office to mail the form. Just as I’m handing the envelope across the desk, my cell phone rings – the original copy has just shown up at the consulate. I haven’t paid yet! Hurrah!

* I sit in the post office and play Professor Layton and the Curious Village for twenty minutes until Dad shows up with a key he somehow got made.

* I finally manage to finish my orc’s Chief Brigadier armor set! But it’s more revealing than I realized.

Cut for overly sexy orc:

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I want to play Alliance so I can kill Regthar Deathgate.

I want to play Alliance so I can kill Regthar Deathgate. published on

How I can tell I have played the game too long: I tried to click on the dog to see if he was aggro.

Couldn’t figure out why the mouse wouldn’t go over to him.

(I’m pretty sure this particular dog is Hostile To All Factions. The St. Bernard is Friendly To All Factions, including Dognappers In Trucks, as has been demonstrated twice.)

I have no really specific reason for wanting to kill Regthar Deathgate. It just seems like he might find it a welcome change of pace.


Pffft. published on

This is the most hilarious thing ever if it’s for real.

Also, I can’t play WoW right now because the zombies keep killing me. And then, when I turn into a zombie, the guards kill me. I do appreciate the scale of the event, but it would’ve been nice if they’d put in some content for lower-level players.

(The one time I got away from the guards in Orgrimmar, I went and retched all over the orphans. Turns out orphans are immune to zombiedom. Oh, come on.)

Thoughts I apologize for having.

Thoughts I apologize for having. published on

Some Guy In Pokemon Pearl: I am a sailor because I love the Pokemon of the sea! *sends out a Feebas*

Me: Wait-a-second – Feebas is a freshwater fish!

(Feebas is not a freshwater fish, because a) Feebas is a Pokemon, not a fish, and b) Feebas isn’t real.)

An apparent SEO company named “[chapeau noir] [software facilitating dual-booting of Windows on Mac OS X]” has been spamming me in ways that deliberately reveal who they are. Is this supposed to convince me to purchase their services? I mean, some of the spam looks like this:

Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at [company’s url]. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

I cannot properly describe all the ways in which this message fails to inspire me to give you money, ridiculous SEO company.

Pretend internet money and brilliant applications of programming knowledge

Pretend internet money and brilliant applications of programming knowledge published on

I’ve just done some Kingdom of Loathing math. Theoretically, if I were to liquefy all my items, I would have 380,597,379 meat. A Mr. Accessory, which presently has a market value of about 4,500,000 meat, costs $10.

So, I have about $840 in video game assets, if there was any way to cash them in.

(A lot of that’s in the form of Items-of-the-Month – the only things I’m missing since June ’06 are the Travoltan trousers and the yuletide troll chrysalis.)

My main meat-bot script is actually pretty short – it’s only 670 lines, though it spans eight files. Because I use good practice and keep my MMO bots highly modular, you see. I also have about fifteen other, secondary bot-scripts for use in specialized situations, though several of them I think I’ve only ever used once.


Ow. published on

People with carpal tunnel should never, ever play The World Ends With You. Also, I need to remember not to play it on days when my anti-consumer rage runs high. You get significant stat bonuses for continually buying and properly coordinating brand-name clothing. You have a cell phone that is subscribed to a service keeping you updated as to what brands you should wear where. On the plus side, the game also allows me to pretend that the miso ramen I ate earlier rendered me more agile.

Also, you can control people’s minds with memes.

DS games, why are you all crazy?