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The sorts of problems I have.

The sorts of problems I have. published on

The drawback of naming your Pokemon after Georgette Heyer protagonists is that you end up splitting up couples, what with leaving Sophy in the box all the time once you get a better ground-type, while Stephen remains a useful grass-type until very late in the game.

Vidal and Mary are still together, though.

Why I Have Pretty Much Stopped Playing Pokemon (Though I Still Read The Manga?)

Why I Have Pretty Much Stopped Playing Pokemon (Though I Still Read The Manga?) published on

I captured my Dialga which was a really nice feeling of accomplishment. I decided to try taking my new an improved crew online via Battle Revolution to see if the addition of an ancient dragon with the power to warp space and time would give me the edge I needed to win. Turns out no.

Mister Gabriel

Well, among other reasons. (Seriously, given how hard it is to catch some of them (LATIAS), the Legendary Pokemon aren’t always that -ing great. My Espeon always got more use than my Lugia.)

And in Kingdom of Loathing-related news, I don’t like a lot of the writing for NS13 – some if it wanders perilously close to serious, and there’s all sorts of stuff that’s much wordier than it needs to be, particularly during the Holy MacGuffin quest. (I’m also annoyed that the battle queue changes broke KoLMafia, but I can’t exactly blame other people for my botting addiction.) And there are still lots of places that are either buggy or just really user-unfriendly. I’m particularly annoyed with all the heavily-nested island maps where you click a place you can’t get to yet, get taken to a “No-no” screen, and aren’t given a link back to the last part of the map you were looking at. No! Incorrect!

…and the Black Forest is problematic.

Oh, and I clicked wrong buying the paint and accidentally bought a second exotic parrot egg. It should not be possible to do that. That’s just vicious.

Dengeki Pikachu, by Toshihiro Ono

Dengeki Pikachu, by Toshihiro Ono published on

scans_daily post

Everyone loves Pokemon, right?

Or at least no one seems to object too strenuously when people post Pokemon manga scans here, and that’s good enough for me!

Yeah, you better not be having any of those slash fantasies of yours over there, Misty.

There are a lot of Pokemon manga. I no longer know the exact number. Four or five years ago, when I amassed my present collection, there were seven, but I think they’ve started two or three or nine others since then. So, I don’t know how many Pokemon manga there are. A lot. Of them.

They’re are all by different writers and artists, so, as with any franchise, their quality varies pretty widely. This post is scans from Dengeki Pikachu/just Pokemon in English, by Toshihiro Ono. It’s based loosely on the cartoon series, and like the cartoon, it’s usually-comedy-sometimes-melodrama. Mostly, each chapter is based on an episode of the anime, but it’s aimed slightly older; it’s the one you might have heard about with all the edited-out boobs.

( scans and Serious Art Criticism behind the cut )

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These brain numbers are off the charts!

These brain numbers are off the charts! published on

It’s 4:45 AM, and that means it’s time for a ridiculous manga scan!

These brain numbers are off the charts!

Hidenori Kusaka and MATO do not like being asked to be “more product-focused”! They particularly do not like this to happen when they are engaged in the climax of the really angst-ridden portion of the plot! Hidenori Kusaka and MATO will make this very clear to the readers, by means of a less-than-two-page sequence completely divorced from the rest of the storyline!

And while we’re talking about the POKEMON COMICS

And while we’re talking about the POKEMON COMICS published on

I finally got volumes six and seven in from ILL yesterday, and I read them last night, and it was almost unbelievably slashy* and I was right about everything it just all came out at the end of volume six, and now I can completely truthfully say that I’m using Pokemon comic as one of the primary sources for my senior research.

I think I’m going to ruin some people on scans_daily‘s day when I’ve got some more free time; I don’t feel up to explaining the awesomeness of this manga right now and without plenty of visual aids scanned in.

* and I looked up the illustrator, MATO, last night, and saw that she does Gundam Wing doujinshi for-Christ’s-sake, so it’s not my imagination

Ash/Gary – it’s *almost* canon.

Ash/Gary – it’s *almost* canon. published on 1 Comment on Ash/Gary – it’s *almost* canon.

It is completely ridiculous that I cannot find a single copy of Pokemon Adventures: A Trainer in Yellow. Viz obviously printed at least a *couple* – they admit as much on their website – and I’m the only person alive who actually *wants* one. So where *are* they?

There ought to be all these self-conscious high school and college students quietly selling off all their really incriminating manga cheap – I mean, I am *prepared* to take advantage of these people. But I *can’t find any*.

This is going to turn into one of these things where I’ve got to order the damn manga in French from Quebec, because the Anglophone publishers don’t properly appreciate it, isn’t it? I thought we’d put those days behind us, Viz. I’m very disappointed in you.

If anyone reading this thinks they might possibly own a Pokemon manga with a blond kid in a straw hat on the cover, talk to me. You can pretend a confused aunt gave it to you for Chrismukkah or you bought it thinking it was gay porn*, I don’t care. I just need this thing. I am looking at right now.

* It’s all subtext.