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Kyou Kara Maoh!, 17-18

Kyou Kara Maoh!, 17-18 published on

I will be so disappointed if Conrad never turns evil. He needs to get brainwashed into betraying Yuuri, so that the power of Yuuri’s love can bring him back to himself! Gwendal and Wolfram can yell at him, exhorting him to recall his joyful baseball-related memories! Maybe Wolfram could even yell, “Oniisan, stop!”

I’m pretty sure he will have to stab Gwendal – in the shoulder, of course – and then disdain to kill the fallen Wolfram (who will have no visible wounds, but will be on the floor making little painful sounds nonetheless), because he has no time waste on weaklings. And then he can snap out of it at the last second before killing Yuuri and go, “Your majesty… I’m sorry… I was delayed…” and pass out in Yuuri’s arms.

No, people. I have seen enough anime to be convinced that Conrad was designed specifically for this purpose.

Episode 17

Cheri is my favorite ever. I would absolutely read a whole shoujo romantic comedy manga about (spoilers) her psychotic attempts to get Raven to marry her, while her sons plot against him, and he wanders dazedly about having traumatic flashbacks. Well, a shoujo manga of up to four volumes, anyway. Five might be stretching it.

(She’s not very good at proposing. How did she manage all those previous marriages? Did she just, like, issue orders?)

Episode 18

This show is basically Gay Avatar. No, it is! Crazy combination-animals and elemental magic! If I google for it I will find fanart of Gwendal wearing Toph’s clothes. I will not google for it.

Kyou Kara Maoh! through ep 14

Kyou Kara Maoh! through ep 14 published on

Oh, anime, can you possibly be any more exploitative? (Please no one answer that question.) Yuuri has cuddled with every single male cast member at least once now, I think. I appreciate the three doujinka fangirls.

I was watching this with Jenan (I’m at Jenan’s house, by the way, it smells very PITTSBURGH-Y outside), and it took us both several seconds to absorb the full implications of Conrad’s conversation about Ryan And The Panda.

Her: Wait, what? WHAT DID THAT MEAN

Me: Oh my GOD

(Fake Spoilers: Apparently, Ryan eloped with the panda. (Who the hell is Ryan? Do we know that? Does Conrad just say made-up bullshit sometimes to see if his brothers are paying attention to him?))

Wolfram’s concerns are probably quite valid, when he puts it that way: Yuuri is pretty promiscuous, and Gwendal does like cute things.