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Zimmy is back!

Zimmy is back! published on

Zimmy is back in Gunnerkrigg Court! Yay! (Actually, she has been since last week, but I’m too fretful to keep up with my webcomics properly right now!)

Reasons you, the person reading this post, should totally be reading Gunnerkrigg Court:

* It is a webcomic with an awesome art style and a female protagonist set in a mysterious steampunk boarding school with a big cast of interesting characters.

* The comic has a strong focus on female relationships, particularly the female protagonist’s with her proto-mad scientist best friend. When they acquire pretty male love interests with dark secrets and names like “Alastair,” it does not detract from their relationship.

* The heroine and her friend are allowed to be badass without being masculinized, as are many other female characters.

* “There is only one sensible resolution to this problem. I must construct a robotic walking device!”

* There are Battle Angel Alita references.

My only issue with it is that, in a comic which borrows a lot from Native American mythology, you’d think the dude could stick in one or two actual Native American characters. The main cast seems to be all white.