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Wah. published on

I have no idea why I am awake.

In preparation for this most holy of days, I yesterday placed these all over the dining halls. Two of the dining halls. I didn’t feel like walking over to the third one, I don’t believe in putting that much effort into my pranks. (I tried to come up with one make fun of the anti-porn speaker they’re having Monday, but couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t get me in trouble.)

Argh, in KOL the Spectral Pickle Factory appeared today, but I didn’t notice until I’d already used all my turns up in the Thugnderdome. It also took me about five minutes to realize that *maybe* the main page had disappeared because of, you know, what *day* it is. I really shouldn’t be awake.


*Panache!* published on

Today there was a most excellent thing in the dining hall. For some reason, they called it “Vegetable Panache.”

Yes, I’m sure this dish does have more panache than most served there. It also has more moxie, more poise, more √©lan, and probably more Kool-Aid Points. And “Veggie Moxie” would have been a much better name. So I am left wondering, “why?” Why panache? Why use that specific word they don’t understand, when out there in the wild outer reaches of the English language there are words like “agglutination” and “fandango?” Why don’t they serve this more often? What does it take to get a correctly cooked piece of broccoli around here?

My mind may never be at peace.

Maybe I could *ask* them to rename it “Veggie Moxie.”