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Dengeki Pikachu, by Toshihiro Ono

Dengeki Pikachu, by Toshihiro Ono published on

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Everyone loves Pokemon, right?

Or at least no one seems to object too strenuously when people post Pokemon manga scans here, and that’s good enough for me!

Yeah, you better not be having any of those slash fantasies of yours over there, Misty.

There are a lot of Pokemon manga. I no longer know the exact number. Four or five years ago, when I amassed my present collection, there were seven, but I think they’ve started two or three or nine others since then. So, I don’t know how many Pokemon manga there are. A lot. Of them.

They’re are all by different writers and artists, so, as with any franchise, their quality varies pretty widely. This post is scans from Dengeki Pikachu/just Pokemon in English, by Toshihiro Ono. It’s based loosely on the cartoon series, and like the cartoon, it’s usually-comedy-sometimes-melodrama. Mostly, each chapter is based on an episode of the anime, but it’s aimed slightly older; it’s the one you might have heard about with all the edited-out boobs.

( scans and Serious Art Criticism behind the cut )

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