Mar 01 2009

So I watched Sita Sings the Blues

and got myself all worked up about something tangential:

For a guy who claims that video games can never be “high art”, Ebert seems to have a pretty high opinion of a film that owes a lot to 2D game visual conventions. It’s a good movie, but it’s not “astonishingly original.” He’d have a better idea what he was looking at if he’d ever played a video game.

(Don’t click on that first link if you’re a gamer, it’ll just raise your blood pressure.)

Jul 30 2006


(This text was originally posted on LiveJournal. It has been reformatted (awkwardly) for use on WordPress.)

elongated_tito just made me watch Sin City. I know it’s kind of, like, done to complain about the movie’s treatment of women, but. Yeah, okay.

( Eleven-year-old girl that Bruce Willis has just rescued from bad guys tells him, ‘I’m still a virgin, thanks to you.’ )

And I just ended up taking the movie a lot more seriously than I meant to, and I think I’m stopping here and putting this under a cut.

I just finished Rocannon’s World, Ursula LeGuin’s first published novel. It’s definitely by LeGuin, so it’s good, but it’s also definitely early. It has a Huge Faceless Mystery Enemy Who Cannot Be Reasoned With And Must Be Destroyed. This isn’t something you associate with LeGuin, and she clearly wasn’t comfortable with it – they’re the reason for the Journey, but just barely have a name, are there only at the very beginning and very end, and then are only kinda-sorta there.

The protagonist defeats them with the help of a Mysterious Wise Man On A Mountain, because, being a basically sensical character, he cannot overcome a nonsensical problem on his own, and thus requires an equally nonsensical deus ex machina.

In between, he deals with smaller and more comprehensible crises which are recognizably human, animal, or weather. Those parts are LeGuin. Fortunately, she learned to drop the end-paper.

Random note: I’ll eat something generally thought inedible if Rosemary Kirstein hasn’t read this book, because (elliptical spoiler for both Rocannon and the Steerswoman series) her Demon Cities are Rocannon’s Angel Cities.

(This entry edited a few times over a few minutes after posting it, because my genius comes in spurts, like mustard.)

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Mar 24 2006

Howl’s Moving Castle movie

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Miyazaki couldn’t plot his way out of a Super America with a *map*.

There was time travel and I don’t know why they went outside and then just *came back in* and Sophie’s hair and what about *Lettie* did she *die* and what the *hell* Suliman you are a *woman* and you don’t have *any* coherent motivation and *no one* does and Sophie doesn’t talk to hats or really do much of *anything* and TIME TRAVEL?

Maybe I should hit myself over the head until I forget the book, and try watching it again then?