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The hacker organization known as Anonymous

The hacker organization known as Anonymous published on 3 Comments on The hacker organization known as Anonymous

If you haven’t seen that Fox video, you need to watch it right now. I didn’t believe it was real until the announcer’s name showed up at the bottom and I paused the thing to Google it – he actually does work for Fox.

I haven’t seen a transcript yet, so I made one myself. You will thank me.

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‘There is always a useful item at the dead end.’

‘There is always a useful item at the dead end.’ published on

Courtesy of zarla and the makers of Earthboundthe most meta dungeon-crawl ever.

The only thing you really need to know to understand those screen shots is that ‘Brick Road’ is a non-player character who is obsessed with user-friendly dungeon design, and Our Heroes have encountered his work in the past.



I accept all major credit cards and categories of confectionery.

It’s just occurred to me that Dad has smuggled a party into my birthday. He invited a bunch of volunteer builders from the low-income housing group elongated_tito is working for over to the house to use the pool this afternoon. He then forgot to tell Mom, got sick, left all the car windows open during a thunderstorm, and wouldn’t drink the tea he’d wanted because it was all hot.

GANBATTE, OTOU-SAN! Go for the gold! Find a way to run over your own foot with the car! Drop your office’s digital camera in a bowl of potato salad! Accidentally eat something with onion in it!

(I assume he’d actually just forgotten that that particular Wednesday was my birthday. MATA GANBATTE, OTOU-SAN! I will require many exceptionally dangerous electronics if I am ever to recover from this crushing incident of parental neglect.)

I wonder if anyone’s remembered that the pool, like, needs to be cleaned? I have no idea if we even have that vacuum for it anymore, and it was raining and Dad was dead to the world pretty much all day today/yesterday, so I didn’t try and figure out. I should probably go to bed now so I’ll be up early enough to remind people of that in the morning.

At home.

At home. published on


I graduated Sunday, went to a job interview Monday (I’ll know by Monday next week), and have spent most of the past couple of days throwing things away. Not even primarily my things – I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets. I got rid of two bags of unsettling products intended for topical use only. I’m still not done, there’s still the closet left. After that I’ll start on my parents’ bathroom.

And then, having so mentally prepared myself – I will start getting rid of books. Both mine, which will never fit in my room unless I remove my dresser (which I am seriously considering, just to avoid doing this), and the General Family Library, which is large. The local public library was unable to absorb our excess the last time we did this.

I decided a while ago to stop using BookMooch, because I didn’t trust the people running it (they never did ban the scammer I caught, the design is really bad, there wasn’t much communication or indication that the site wouldn’t be abandoned by its creator(s) at any second), and didn’t want the system going down when I had a lot of points saved up. I’m thinking of starting up again now, just because I’ve discovered that Amazon Marketplace is a really crappy way to sell the sort of books I need to get rid of, and they seem to be actually working to improve the system recently.

I’m going to start culling my BPAL and ridiculously-hard-to-transport essential oil collections, too. I wonder if it’s poor form if your first post to bpalmarketplace is ten imps, one bottle, and thirty bottles of random essential oils? I’ve seen people do it, anyway… maybe I should just eBay all the really cheap stuff in one big lot, instead.

I have been thinking very hard about joining a commune and about Pokemon.

[Brilliant Idea Goes Here]

[Brilliant Idea Goes Here] published on

I am going to start a new book-reading tradition for, when I remember it. Whenever I am on page 128 of a book that has, uhh, substantially more than 128 pages, I will make a prediction about it.

Because there are spoilers from the first 128 pages in here (and also because I’m a genius and assume I must be right), I’m putting it behind a cut.

The Queen of Attolia, by Megan Whalen Turner:

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I Didn’t Get The Job

I Didn’t Get The Job published on

Went on exciting adventure to Chicago Saturday for the Amity job interview, got back today. Will probably have energy required for angst sometime late tonight, when I am supposed to be working on a paper.

Mom and thegeekgene went with me; thegeekgene toured two colleges and was the less enthralled with the one the further away. Courtesy of Mom’s leet internet discount skills, we stayed at a place called Hotel Indigo. The room was extremely pretty, with a big blown-up photograph of pretty stones (slightly pixelated) on the back wall, and nice beds and furniture and all. Mom and thegeekgene thought it was awesome. But it was also small, a weird shape, and kind of crowded with unnecessary stuff – there were probably twenty little brochures, standees, and menus sitting around, all spread out in different and inconvenient places – leaving me not completely impressed with the design.

But the lobby was scented with several different combinations of essential oils appropriate for different times of day. The pattern seemed to be sandalwood at night, patchouli during the day, and something that reminded me of BPAL’s Cathode (mint, moss, and fake ambergris) in the morning. And the patchouli, at least, was definitely moderately-good-quality stuff, though I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from to investigate. Neither Mom nor thegeekgene noticed any of this until I pointed it out.

Apparently, if a company selling luxury goods/services wants to impress me, what they’ve got to do is demonstrate a knowledge of aromatherapy and a willingness to purchase fairly good ingredients.

Also, the little bottles of shampoo/conditioner/lotion were Aveda. I will not pay for Aveda stuff, but I will surely steal it.

Happy Made-Up Internet Holiday!

Happy Made-Up Internet Holiday! published on

(What, is it the Feast of Boris again yet?)

In honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, I give you a thingie. It’s presumably not publishable-quality, seeing as no one’s published me yet, but I’m posting it anyway because I think I’m done with it for a while, and it’s distracting me from working on other things.

It’s the prologue to The Nebulous Video Game In My Head, “The Ashdocks”, which is kind of a puzzle-RPG – the plot involves boats, ghosts, swamps, fairies, and people being political, and the gameplay involves a few standard turn-based battles, and a lot of puzzles where you manipulate plants and fungi in various ways to affect the environment, hurt people, heal them, and create new items. You get a limited number of certain types of seeds/roots/etc per stage, and can buy more of others, and all that good video-game-economics stuff.

Because this isn’t Harvest Moon, you can also manipulate the passage of time to get the plants to grow immediately, though there are sometimes side-effects to doing that – grow too many explosive mushrooms in a certain place in such-and-such a space of real-time, and you wear out your soil so that it’s only fit for growing zombies for a while. Which you may or may not want, depending on who you’ve killed recently and what level you are.

(Except that I don’t know how this system works yet, hence the word “nebulous.” This is why I’m never actually going to be a video game designer. The “game” part kind of stumps me.)

If this hasn’t all scared you away, the script is behind the cut.

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Microsoft! published on

For the last few months, when I type a new kanji into the RTF files I’m doing my translation projects in, 90% of the time it comes out pointing left. My kanji do not know which way is up.

I thought at first that the problem was only with @SimSun, which is apparently intended mostly for Chinese, not Japanese, but switching to MS PGothic, which actually has “Japanese” as a language option, doesn’t fix it. Anyway, they both used to work. And I’ve saved and restarted and reopened trying to right them, but nothing changes. This isn’t disabling, since I’m lazy and I either romanize or kana-ize everything before I start the actual translation (the kana work properly), but it’s really irritating.

Since I haven’t installed any new Japan\China\Korea\etc.-related software or fonts during this time, I’m going to assume this is something one of the Windows updates did.

screenshot of weirdly-formatted kanji - 'motsu' is the only one that stays upright

(Edit: And if anyone reading this can tell me what the spine of the book in this image says, and what that title would probably be in English, I would be extremely happy. From the context it’s obviously a children’s book involving talking animals, and Charles Perrault’s name is on the cover, and there’s the phrase “boy(s) and girl(s)” in there.

Edit again: Okay, yeah, the book is “Puss in Boots,” so the spine is probably a series name. (This is important, okay?!)

picture of guy holding a book)

The Legend of Mother Sarah: Tunnel Town – two links and five images (NSFW)

The Legend of Mother Sarah: Tunnel Town – two links and five images (NSFW) published on

“Designed to help parents and caregivers of all achievements and backgrounds make informed decisions about which new products are right for their children, the Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media.”


“If a product does receive a level of commendation, it is eligible to license the seals. But that is neither a prerequisite nor condition of award.”


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[back at school]

[back at school] published on


I started reading the Lymond books again. I say “started again,” because I read the first two last year, and then decided I did not have the patience for the plot and the shenanigans and Lymond never, you know, stuttering, or conjugating a Latin verb wrong, or anything.

But recently my body has started physically rejecting books where someone has to save the whole universe by being nicer than everyone. By this I mean that I toss the books down on the floor and sit irritatedly fiddling with my hat for twenty minutes, without any conscious awareness of my own actions. Perhaps sleep deprivation and job applications are to blame. Perhaps soy cheese.

But this criteria, in any case, appears to disqualify most of my to-read pile, which due to my own emotional immaturity is saturated with just this type of scenario. Some people on my LiveJournal list are reading the Lymond series, and I thought that perhaps my system could handle a book about someone who only partly succeeds at saving relatively small numbers of people by being bitchier than everyone else. So I requested the rest of the series off of ILL to take home with me on break.

In summary: Lymond is a tool. It is a good thing he gets beat up so often, or no one would be able to stand him.

Also in summary: I keep staying up all night reading these -ing things.

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(Home for break.)

(Home for break.) published on

I read somewhere recently (I cannot now find the link) about people who roam college campuses at night, looking for girls walking by themselves. They approach them with a pamphlet full of scare statistics and say something like, “Ma’am, do you know what the leading cause of rape on campus is?”

The correct answer to this question is, of course, “Do you know what the leading cause of assault on campus is?… Assailants.

And then you kick them in the fucking crotch.

Relatedly. Mom, thegeekgene and I were eating breakfast in a hotel dining room this morning, and Fox News was on. They were interviewing a guy whose disabled baby’s surgery money had been stolen, like they do. One of the guys asked this guy, very smugly and approvingly, “So I understand you say that the police had better find the thief before you do, is that right? Can you tell us why you’d say something like that?”

We are Fox News, and we approve of unsanctioned violence.

Also, apparently it’s bin Laden’s birthday? They kept saying, “Osama bin Laden turns fifty today,” and you could tell they were having trouble reconciling the hard-coded [string] < < "turns" << [int] << "today" cheery vocal patterns to the stern ones for the "Osama bin Laden" << [string] ones. I bet some poor jerk spent the whole night hacking together a new pitch arrangement. The Obligatory Woman (v. Caucasian.0) had some pretty bad lag going on. This week’s Minus has a Battle Angel Alita reference. This is very important news.




I am writing a short story to submit to this anthology! I have had a poor attention span all this semester due to stress and death and panic and self-castigation over my failure to get at least fifty pages of the Worst Cleric Ever book finished by the end of February despite my vow to do so two months previously!

Thus I am posting my unfinished short story here! Here on this Livejournal! Its presence in public where other people can see it will, it is hoped, cause me to immediately see every single one of its flaws in glaring detail (as has been the case with my senior research), allowing me to correct them and understand in a blinding flash of semi-competence how it should be structured! And then I will hurt myself banging my head against the wall but at least I will have finished the stupid short story!

Please do not attempt to tell me things about it! That is not the point of this exercise! The comments are turned off! If you wish you may insult me in two weeks about my discomfort with the first-person POV and its result which is my heroine’s over-the-top “salty”-as-it-is-called language, because in two weeks there will be two weeks left before the first deadline!

Do not tell me I am wrong about things about Sweden! That is also not the point!


I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee

I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee published on

Sodexho has generously given me a light pink plastic tumbler that turns darker pink when it gets cold, in an obvious and completely inappropriate reference to nipples. I wonder if they’re going to email me telling me to deposit it in a box someplace on campus, because I am not on the meal plan anymore and am not therefore entitled to a plastic tumbler.

Printed on it in very small type is a schedule of what I assume someone considers to be the school’s “feminist events” for the next three months. The schedule gives dates but no times, and is badly spaced and punctuated.

I mean, this isn’t a disposable cup or anything. It must have been expensive to get these things custom-made. Isn’t it kind of weird to give out a reusable item with your February-March-April 2007 schedule on it? Am I supposed to treasure it forever as a memento of “Love Your Body Day” (which is apparently on Valentines Day)? Is there going to be a whole series of collectible 2007 color-change cups?

Oh, wait, the year’s not on there.

Actually, the schedule itself is even more bizarre than its presence on a cup. Here it is (formatting, punctuation, etc. all theirs):

Mind, Body, and Soul Spring Events…
14-Love Your Body Day
26-Mind, Body, & Soul Survival Guide
28-Let’s Talk About It!
7-Vagina Monologues
8, 22, 29-Self Defense Workshop
19-30-“Human Breathing” Yoga
25-Speaker, Andrea Cooper,
“Kristin’s Story”
26, 27-Lifetime Wellness Instructor,
Kitty Consolo
5 Take Back The Night
Events presented by the Women’s Resource Center,
Women’s Emphasis, The Lilly Program,
Delta, Delta, Delta, and Alpha Chi Omega
commentary, or, This Plastic Tumbler Is A Story About Rape:

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Must! ‘Tis somewhat hard when Tamaki must go!

Must! ‘Tis somewhat hard when Tamaki must go! published on

O I am ill, laid low by such a foul imbalance of the humors as to make me dirty up all my new hankies in one day, and re-read books.

But then I watched the last few episodes of Ouran and my nose wasn’t stopped up anymore. It’s a miracle! A piracy miracle!

I’m still all dizzy, though. I hate being dizzy. I don’t even get to get intoxicated or go into a berserker rage first. It’s totally unfair.

For some reason being sick always makes it a little easier to concentrate in class. And also apparently makes me write in real short paragraphs.

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