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Aaaaah! published on

Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy are doooooing thinnnnngs!

I’d actually been thinking that people should be doing podcasts like this – heckling voice-over tracks for new episodes of TV shows and stuff. It completely dodges the whole copyright issue.

I want to do a fake commentary track for a slasher movie:

Director: And here you’re running away again. Like you were a minute ago… you got tired, doing all that running away or something, I guess?

Girl Who Played Final Girl: I don’t know! It was really fun!

Director: And here’s the killer again – in that spooky mask again! Damn, that mask was pretty spooky! Was it, uhhhh, was it pretty hot? Uh, in the mask?

Girl: I don’t know! It –

Director: I was talking to, uhhhh, the other guy, here –

Guy Who Played Killer: Uh? Uhhh… you fell down again.

Girl: I did?! Oh, you mean in the movie – ahahaha, I get confused, I always get –

Director: See, I liked this with all the falling down, I mean when we were filming, because it was very, uhhhh, it was very allusive, you know, to the other movie, and uhhhh, I like Hitchcock, he is sort of my mentor in a way –

Guy: You fell down again.

Girl: Ahahahaha! I don’t know!

Director: …but maybe it was too much… I put my son’s birthday on that sign, I like that. For the viewers, nice little thing… I think I might’ve… I got it wrong, though.


Mrph. published on

I have been kind of vaguely thinking John Scalzi might be irritating for a while now. Now I just don’t like him:

I’m not defending plagiarism, mind you. It’s bad. I’m just asking whether the question of which is more egregious, blatant theft of character or quiet theft of text, isn’t like asking whether cake or pie is the better dessert. Ultimately, they’re both still dessert.

“Blatant theft of character” = fanfic; he’s saying is that all fanfic writers are morally on a level with Cassandra Claire.

This suggestion makes little sparks come off my head.

Wikipedia makes me happy.

Wikipedia makes me happy. published on

Diabolical signature

Demon’s signatures are designed to disguise their actual names. They are usually signed in blood. If there is a mass of signatures, they are usually signed in a circle, a doctrine of signatures.

There are a number of alleged demon signatures in existence, some or all perhaps faked.


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I’m not sure why this amuses me so much more than do the eight million other similar incidents. I guess it’s, “Well, so he didn’t like my Led Zeppelin, that’s no reason to go to the *police*!” This may well be the dorkiest human being ever to be suspected of terrorism.

In other The Clash-related news, today I actually saved a coupon from a packet of tea.

Death death death death death death death.

Death death death death death death death. published on

I guess I’d probably miss dinner if I passed out right now, wouldn’t I.

I must admit that one of the stranger statements I’ve ever made in my life was complaining to Rich that:

“Riiich, Warren Ellis is posting pictures of mutilated genitals on the Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club.”

My life is stranger than I could possibly imagine.

-the Jeffrey Rowland, here


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Yesterday I gave my paycheck for this week plus $5 to the Red Cross. Today the internet tells me that Homeland Security is keeping them out of New Orleans, because the people still in the city are all just there because they’re too dumb and lazy to leave. If food and medical care are kept *just out of reach*, surely *then* those silly dying people will pick themselves up and get out.