Aug 16 2009

I aspire to catalog all fiction in which some genius falls in love with Satan.

Please, aid me in my endeavor, citizens of the internet!

That’s the literal Satan, now! It cannot be just a nickname for a bad dude – I am not putting the complete works of Georgette Heyer on my list! And Judeo-Christian-Islamic Satans only, please! Maohs and Enmas do not count.


  1. The Black Jewels Trilogy, by Anne Bishop. (duh)
  2. Angel Sanctuary, by Kaori Yuki. (duh)
  3. 666 Satan / O-Parts Hunter, by Seishi Kishimoto. (Seishi Kishimoto is Masashi Kishimoto the Naruto dude’s twin brother, and the plot and art of the two are pretty nearly identical at the beginning. Except that instead of the hero being a fox demon in the form of a little boy who gets in trouble a lot, the hero is Satan, in the form of a little boy who gets in trouble a lot. Shounen Satan Sample Dialog: “It’s… cold… What’s this intensity? Th…that kid… His hair and eyes have changed… And that forehead… The Number of the Beast, 666!”)
  4. Phantom-Thief Jeanne/Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, by Tanemura Arina. (Shoujo Satan Sample Dialog: “But then Satan pretended to save you and got you in his grasp. Do you want to be used by such a terrible person?!” “Don’t speak ill of Satan!”)
  5. Akuma no Eros, by Shinjo Mayu. (Shoujo Satan Sample Dialog: “I want to use these hands to ruin your pureness!” “Pure… pureness!? Me!? This childish face and childlike body!? If Kai wasn’t Satan… if I didn’t have an agreement with him, maybe I would had agreed with him…” (I can’t honestly encourage anyone to read this one, actually. It’s decidedly non-feminist Satanic romance.))
  6. Being A Green Mother and For Love of Evil, Piers Anthony. (via cerusee)


I’m convinced I’m missing an incredibly obvious one, but I’ve been sitting here trying to pin it down for like ten minutes now.