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Aiee! published on

I got a huge package of stuff from Mee and Conan. Mee made a bunch of origami, and Conan made a heart and wrote a note on a paper snowman! (Switching between English, Japanese, and adorably katakana-ized English.)

There are also a whole bunch of little toys, some children’s books, a couple keychains, and like five things of origami paper. I’d promised to send them a letter when I left, and I sent some little stuff along with it – American Girl paper dolls for Mee, a thing of stickers for Conan, and a Dr. Seuss book – but even accounting for the fact that some of it probably came from the 100-yen shop, this is a lot of stuff. (Maybe I startled their parents by sending presents along with the letter?) I’ll take a picture of it all when it stops raining the light’s better.


Uaaa! published on

I am in Tokyo and stuff. The guest house smells funny and one of the other residents is a creepy man who sits silently in the kitchen all the time and doesn’t wash his dirty dishes.

But! Mee has been texting me! I gave her my email address (I gave all the kids a website address, but she asked for my email, too) and she’s actually been sending me stuff! And they are very cute! She had a swimming tournament over the weekend and kept sending me messages about her triumphs – she was competing against much older kids and still placed very high. I want to post the texts here, but that would probably be an invasion of her cuteness privacy. Please just rest assured that they are cute.