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Still snowing!

Still snowing! published on

I want to go out in the snow, but I’m afraid to. I’m afraid because there’s a small swimming pool out in the yard somewhere… and I can’t tell exactly where.

Someone stop me from playing EVE Online and watching Soul Eater all day. I think it likely that neither one is a good idea on its own, but they’re particularly unharmonious in combination. I’m going to name a spaceship something like “SYMMETRY!,” and then someone named NeMeSiN will destroy it and send me a misogynistic message explaining why they did so. And I’ll want to apologize to Death the Kid for letting the symmetry get destroyed again.

Death the Kid is my favorite character. His voice was giving me weird signals, so I looked it up, and he’s Tamaki from Ouran. Things somehow make more sense now that I know that. I just looked up Black ★ Star, and he’s Excel, which is obviously also good.


Pictures! published on

My closet

– wait, what the hell is that green shirt doing in there?

I was wearing my single blue shirt when I took this, and there are some jeans and two inexplicably green pairs of socks in the other side of the closet. (The jeans don’t fit.) Otherwise, yes, I’m pretty sure the only actual color I ever wear is red.

I bought a blue fleece when I first realized this a couple weeks ago, but I can’t wear it to work, so it’s just kind of sitting here. Maybe it’s a sign I should embrace the monomania.

Anyway – Shibata!

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Financial Risk Evaluation Fail

Financial Risk Evaluation Fail published on

Things I know are stupid but did anyway: buying $10 snow boots. I know better than this! Even Terry Pratchett has warned me against it! (See: Vimes boots theory of wealth, I forget which book.) Yet I did it anyway. The $10 boots contained a hidden fee of $20 in taxi fare when they ceased to perform their core function of keeping snow off my friggin’ feet today, and I needed to get home before frostbite set in.

(Coincidentally, one of the goals of today’s expedition was my health insurance card. Would’ve been bad to be hospitalized before I got that.)

Afterwards, I went back to the shoe store and bought some big galoshes. Apparently, when designing galoshes, there is a sort of cosmic balance to which one must adhere, preventing attractive galoshes from getting too much traction in the slush, and vice-versa. Cuteness and Traction are opposing forces in the universe, like good and evil, and the vampires and the lichens in Underworld.

The ones I really liked had kind of crappy soles, is what I’m saying here. Sorry, I need to go get some food pretty soon.

The ones I ended up getting are moderately attractive and have moderately good traction. Apparently they’re by some Gothic and Lolita design house:


Edit: Having posted that, I now see that the boots match my blog. The social event at which this would render me stylish has, regrettably, yet to be invented.

I’ve discovered the One Good Thing about Vista.

I’ve discovered the One Good Thing about Vista. published on

Its image management. The metadata for JPEGs includes tags. I can tag my photos offline! And Windows Photo Gallery Live allows you to upload to Flickr, and actually works right! (Flickr Uploadr doesn’t seem to work with Vista – I’ve been using jUploadr instead. The problem is probably Microsoft’s fault, but it’s nice that they’ve set up a work-around.)

Also, there’s a feature that allows you to offset the timestamps of a batch of images to correct for inaccurate timestamps. This is A Good Thing – I get this problem a lot due to my habit of switching time zones. (Japan is thirteen hours ahead of Kentucky. I live in the future. Thirteen hours in the future.)

However, as with all things Vista, there are caveats. Cut for caveats. (They’re long.)

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This is what our tree looked like.

This is what our tree looked like. published on


Guest-starring in this tree: Berezhnoff from Ouran High School Host Club, sort of a stretchy raccoon thing, Buddha, Maneki Neko.

Supporting cast (on the shelf): sabre-toothed lime (from Kingdom of Loathing), Chinese Zodiac chicken, sort of a dog thing, Martin van Buren.