Feb 10 2010

Still snowing!

I want to go out in the snow, but I’m afraid to. I’m afraid because there’s a small swimming pool out in the yard somewhere… and I can’t tell exactly where.

Someone stop me from playing EVE Online and watching Soul Eater all day. I think it likely that neither one is a good idea on its own, but they’re particularly unharmonious in combination. I’m going to name a spaceship something like “SYMMETRY!,” and then someone named NeMeSiN will destroy it and send me a misogynistic message explaining why they did so. And I’ll want to apologize to Death the Kid for letting the symmetry get destroyed again.

Death the Kid is my favorite character. His voice was giving me weird signals, so I looked it up, and he’s Tamaki from Ouran. Things somehow make more sense now that I know that. I just looked up Black ★ Star, and he’s Excel, which is obviously also good.

Feb 06 2010


Jan 04 2010

Photo Essay

What Mee and Conan (‘s Parents) Sent Me

IMG_7985 (800x600)

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Dec 19 2009

What the back yard looks like.

Fallen branches in the snow.

There are branches on the ground all over the place, and I can see a tree that’s fallen over in the park. I wonder if it’s been an unusually bad year for dead trees?

Oct 24 2009

The most Tokyo place in all of Tokyo.

Several months late, I reveal to you Tokyo’s very soul!


It’s basically a grumpy cat in a chair.

I hope you’re not too disappointed.

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Oct 12 2009


I’m at the beach with Papaw. The beachhouse we’re in ticks me off every time I go into the bathroom.

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May 30 2009


Bonze’s egg! (That’s my box, not the one he used. It had 100-yen-shop marbles in it.)

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May 11 2009


In the not-a-train category, this inscrutably Italian Mexican pimped-out car was in my office building’s parking lot the other day.

But anyway – the JR system is exciting stuff!

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Jan 19 2009

I’ve discovered the One Good Thing about Vista.

Its image management. The metadata for JPEGs includes tags. I can tag my photos offline! And Windows Photo Gallery Live allows you to upload to Flickr, and actually works right! (Flickr Uploadr doesn’t seem to work with Vista – I’ve been using jUploadr instead. The problem is probably Microsoft’s fault, but it’s nice that they’ve set up a work-around.)

Also, there’s a feature that allows you to offset the timestamps of a batch of images to correct for inaccurate timestamps. This is A Good Thing – I get this problem a lot due to my habit of switching time zones. (Japan is thirteen hours ahead of Kentucky. I live in the future. Thirteen hours in the future.)

However, as with all things Vista, there are caveats. Cut for caveats. (They’re long.)

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Aug 03 2006

Dad’s dog is really weird.

I decided I’d might as well figure out how YouTube worked. I uploaded this video of Dad’s huge Saint Bernard grooming thegeekgene‘s cat. The dog does this often, and to every amenable cat she encounters, but she and this cat in particular share a special bond; the white cat is the only one I’ve yet seen groom the dog back. Or stand on her back and give her a massage.

You can hear That Show With Undertakers in the background, and the video goes on about twenty seconds after the dog stops grooming, because I’ve tried three video editors and still not convinced any of them to both cut and save the file properly.

Sep 22 2005

I am going to kill you so hard.

(This text was originally posted on LiveJournal. It has been reformatted (awkwardly) for use on WordPress.)

I was forced to leave this note in the kitchen this morning:

( Illustrative photo is behind the cut. )

“To the individual who, sometime Thursday morning, took my soup out of the fridge, spilled some on the floor, put it back without covering it properly, and left without cleaning up his spill, thus causing me to stumble barefoot into yellow liquid at 9:00 AM while nauseous:

When I find out who you are, you will suffer torments new to experience of man.

For a lesser food-crime than this, in Kentucky a man lies in a shallow grave, the fondou he did offend against smeared across his sightless eyes, his mouth still agape in an expression of faint shock. This fate and worse await you. Settle your affairs and compose your mind and spirit.

Have a nice day,

I think my handwriting sort of lends an air of legitimacy to death threats.

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