Jan 19 2010


Bring back negative feedback for buyers RIGHT NOW.

Auction Title: Pokemon The Movie 2000 DVD – No Box

Gray Feedback Left By Stupid Stupid Stupid Idiot Buyer: i didnt know that it was only the cd with no box

(I am very petty.)

Oct 06 2008


Tag: i am such a jerk,personal — 10:34 am

Where the cashier gets openly angry when you say you don’t need a bag.

We went to see thegeekgene in Virginia, where she gave me a cookie, I unavoidably got sick again because there was a fajita, and I accidentally bought apricot kernel oil. (The store clerks all looked very sad because their old building had burned down and thus they were in a new one.)

Then we went to see elongated_tito in New York, where she presently resides with the Aunt and Uncle who have strong opinions about dog training and furnishings. They have acquired a gigantic and froofy new house since last year. I kept getting lost in it, it was like an Olive Garden that had developed a low cunning and a taste for human blood. Their whippet took my bowler hat away from me and waved it in the air, taunting, while I struggled to escape their massive couch, capable of devouring anything, even coffee table books about rock gardens, and hope.

We went to a restaurant where I had some pretty good udon with octopus. I hadn’t realized there was octopus in there, Dad got upset when I went, “they cooked this octopus just right.”