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Kind of related?

Kind of related? published on

When I was a kid, I remember reading this very didactic Jetsons comic book* where computer animation was evil because it was incapable of producing true art, and also put true artists out of work. Luckily, the computers the big evil animation company is using break down, so they realize the error of their ways, and Elroy saves the day by making a bunch of robots to hand-draw the animation.

The divide there seemed kind of arbitrary to me even as a ten-year-old.**

I wonder if I can find scans?

* I think it was a comic book, and not an episode of the cartoon; I have this image of a big speech bubble over Elroy’s head.

** I have no idea when I would have read this, but I’m assuming this whole thing was about Toy Story. Though I guess they could’ve been reacting to ReBoot, or maybe Donkey Kong Country? But those were still just a year earlier.

On the matter of webcomics.

On the matter of webcomics. published on

Those of you who are not presently reading the brilliantly-named webcomic “Vampirates” might do well to examine the most recent page and consider the gaping hole that would be left in your life had you not seen it.

Though the page is spoilery. If you want to know why you should read the comic without resorting to spoilers:

1) The vampirates are Canadian and are taking a boat to Saskatchewan (landlocked).

2) Apparently what Canadian vampire pirates do is, they lobby for health care reform. I know! I didn’t think it would top their list, but apparently yes.

3) It is very pretty with a good sense of flow in panel design. (Well, the people are very pretty – it’s not much for backgrounds, unfortunately.)

4) It is sort of BL, but has excellent female characters, one of whom is the Obligatory Person Who Keeps Saying, “Don’t Worry, I’ll Protect You.”

5) If none of that did it for you, go ahead and click on the link up there.

6) It’s called Vampirates.

(Though I warn you now that if you get into it, its iffy update schedule will break your heart over and over.)

Zimmy is back!

Zimmy is back! published on

Zimmy is back in Gunnerkrigg Court! Yay! (Actually, she has been since last week, but I’m too fretful to keep up with my webcomics properly right now!)

Reasons you, the person reading this post, should totally be reading Gunnerkrigg Court:

* It is a webcomic with an awesome art style and a female protagonist set in a mysterious steampunk boarding school with a big cast of interesting characters.

* The comic has a strong focus on female relationships, particularly the female protagonist’s with her proto-mad scientist best friend. When they acquire pretty male love interests with dark secrets and names like “Alastair,” it does not detract from their relationship.

* The heroine and her friend are allowed to be badass without being masculinized, as are many other female characters.

* “There is only one sensible resolution to this problem. I must construct a robotic walking device!”

* There are Battle Angel Alita references.

My only issue with it is that, in a comic which borrows a lot from Native American mythology, you’d think the dude could stick in one or two actual Native American characters. The main cast seems to be all white.

Bone, by Jeff Smith

Bone, by Jeff Smith published on

I just finished reading Bone.

What this means is that there isn’t any more of it.

And, I learn, Smith hasn’t really done anything else.

I am very, very upset right now.

I am all suddenly empathizing more with the opium-addict parts of the Lymond books, which-had-previously-irritated-me-so. I’m off to frighten abused children with my withdrawal symptoms.

Work, and today’s important Dinosaur Comics quotes

Work, and today’s important Dinosaur Comics quotes published on

Today Mercury came in to work extremely hung-over. (Her makeup was nonetheless perfect.) She told me this in between moaning and carefully sipping tea in a way that didn’t require her to move her head much, and asked me not to tell Supervisor 009 – but Guy Whose Last Name Is Sexual Slang For Something* had already told her somehow.

I guess he just came onto his shift, saw who was working later on, and then the conversation went something like this:

GWLNISSFS: Oh, man, Mercury consumed considerable quantities of alcohol last night! She is probably going to be extremely hung-over when she comes in to work. Ha ha!

009: (all quiet-like) Oh, really? Ha ha.

* I don’t have blog-nicknames worked out for everyone I know, you know.

So when she saw Mercury, 009 just smiled and said, all quiet-like, “So, are you a little bit hung-over today?” And in between moaning and drinking, Mercury desultorily cursed GWLNISSFS as a base traitor.

009 sent me on the walking-around jobs so Mercury could sit at the desk, and then, apparently when the moaning did not abate, sent Mercury home. I can’t complain since she did the same thing for me the time I’d stayed up most of the night trying to game the market value of a certain item in a certain MMO, which I imagine is a slightly darker shade of moral gray. 009 is probably way too nice.

“Anachronism is when you have technology being used before it was invented! It happens whenever Shakespeare listens to his MP3s.”

As we all know, I am a sort of AI that constructs its methodology for communicating with others by manipulating apparently-significant phrases found in blocks of text. (I forget the term for this because it is not, apparently, significant.) If anyone ever asks me to define “anachronism,” Dinosaur Comics has given me the data necessary to proceed.

“So what’s he doing in space?”

“Character development!”

And this is what I’m going to say when someone patiently asks me to explain my brilliant literary projects.

“What’s she doing in a volcano behind enemy lines?”

“Character development!”

It’s even true! For values of “character development” equal to “losing an eye”!

bool isCharDevelopment()
if ( whatsshedoing == “losing an eye” && A == “CLAMP” )
return TRUE; // we assume

(I accidentally posted this before completely typing out the incomplete test routine the first time. Then I rewrote it again a minute later. I apologize to those of you who were shocked and dismayed by all that.)

(Home for break.)

(Home for break.) published on

I read somewhere recently (I cannot now find the link) about people who roam college campuses at night, looking for girls walking by themselves. They approach them with a pamphlet full of scare statistics and say something like, “Ma’am, do you know what the leading cause of rape on campus is?”

The correct answer to this question is, of course, “Do you know what the leading cause of assault on campus is?… Assailants.

And then you kick them in the fucking crotch.

Relatedly. Mom, thegeekgene and I were eating breakfast in a hotel dining room this morning, and Fox News was on. They were interviewing a guy whose disabled baby’s surgery money had been stolen, like they do. One of the guys asked this guy, very smugly and approvingly, “So I understand you say that the police had better find the thief before you do, is that right? Can you tell us why you’d say something like that?”

We are Fox News, and we approve of unsanctioned violence.

Also, apparently it’s bin Laden’s birthday? They kept saying, “Osama bin Laden turns fifty today,” and you could tell they were having trouble reconciling the hard-coded [string] < < "turns" << [int] << "today" cheery vocal patterns to the stern ones for the "Osama bin Laden" << [string] ones. I bet some poor jerk spent the whole night hacking together a new pitch arrangement. The Obligatory Woman (v. Caucasian.0) had some pretty bad lag going on. This week’s Minus has a Battle Angel Alita reference. This is very important news.


GOSH FRANK MILLER published on

elongated_tito just made me watch Sin City. I know it’s kind of, like, done to complain about the movie’s treatment of women, but. Yeah, okay.

Eleven-year-old girl that Bruce Willis has just rescued from bad guys tells him, “I’m still a virgin, thanks to you.”

Continue reading GOSH FRANK MILLER


*Ominosity.* published on

Some jerks keep checking out the library’s Chris Ware stuff recently. They are jerks because I always end up stopping and flipping through it when I’m scanning it back in, even though I know it always makes me all depressed for the next few hours. Ware’s brain has the trainwreck effect. (I just invented the word “brainwreck,” which is a very nice word.) So, darn people who check out Chris Ware stuff.

It looks like it’s going to rain, and that makes me happy.

I lift projector one-handed with AIKIDO SKILLS

I lift projector one-handed with AIKIDO SKILLS published on

Snow lies heavy on the ground; my element yet reigns, and for this little more time I may continue with my plans…

(I have no plans.)

He’s been my advisor for, I guess, three years now, but I only just a minute ago noticed that Sensei’s middle name is “Stone.”

If you do not know the gentleman in question, and therefore don’t understand how funny that is, I guess all I’ve got for you right now is a link to Gunnerkrigg Court.

I’ve been trying to write a review of that book I was all excited about, and I guess I’ve got all but the sum-up, but I think it’s literally made me *too sad* to finish. I’ll see if I can manage it tomorrow.