Jul 07 2009

Replayed Apollo Justice

Tag: t: apollo justice,video games — 11:45 pm

Screw the stupid Edgeworth game – what the world needs is a game where Lamiroir and Machi solve crimes.

I will also accept fanfic.

No, people, just think about this for five seconds. This would be incredible.

(Cut for spoilers for everything.)

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Mar 17 2008

Apparently I was wrong.

I started playing Apollo Justice last night. It looks like the torch singer dream did mean something. It just wasn’t apparent until I started the game. I don’t know what it means yet, but surely this will become clear as I progress.

(Seriously, I must have read some spoilers at some point and then got them lost in my brain, because the dream knew way too much about the plot.)

Mar 16 2008

Kaiware suck.

Last night, apparently in reaction to yesterday’s terrible dietary crime, I dreamed about eating sprouts. I had bought several varieties from the store, and I removed the roots and ate them. That was the whole dream. It was pretty vivid. I could taste and smell the sprouts and everything.

Figuring that my brain was probably trying to tell me something*, I bought some sprouts when I went out to buy curry stuff today. Unfortunately, I accidentally got daikon sprouts. Which taste like, you know, daikon. I hate daikon. I’ve covered them with kimchi and am determined to work my way through them today. My subconscious went to a lot of trouble on this one.


* Probably an unwarranted assumption. I had another dream earlier in the night where Apollo Justice was a 20′s torch singer. I don’t think that means anything.