Apr 10 2009

Precious Dragon, by Liz Williams

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This book had all the pacing problems of the last one and then some, plus some extra bonus gender issues. I think Williams had a checklist rather than a plot in mind when she wrote it. This is her checklist:

* ghost wedding

* warrior woman

* dragons

* opera

* penis building

* and Zhu Irzh should TOTALLY have a sister named “Daisy.”

The warrior woman got kidnapped.

Unless someone says something really compelling about book four, I think this is where I drop the series.

(The ghost wedding scene was really great, though.)

Mar 27 2009

The Demon and the City, Liz Williams

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I think I only post about books I’m annoyed at. This is why there was no post for the first book, but there is for this one.

The book has some structural problems, basically – the pacing is very jerky, and I think Williams kind of lost her balance a little before the halfway point, because all of a sudden things that needed build-up started happening without the build-up. Spoilery examples:

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