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Yu Yu Hakusho up to ch 162

Yu Yu Hakusho up to ch 162 published on

Wow. Hiei and Kurama’s backstories are actually pretty hardcore.

I just want to show this to Kubo Tite and go, like, “THIS IS HOW YOU DO THE MORALLY-AMBIGUOUS DUDE’S FLASHBACK SEQUENCE.”

No, seriously, Kurama’s backstory is more badass than most of the villains in Bleach. Kurama. Do you know how sad that is? ’cause that is eight points of sad on the shindo scale. (Note: The shindo scale goes up only to seven.)

More brilliant Yu Yu Hakusho dialog

More brilliant Yu Yu Hakusho dialog published on

(I’ve gotten past the part where I stopped reading in Shounen Jump now. The phallic stadium is completely new to me!)

“The Ankoku Bujutsukai. The evilest people who run rampant in the dark spheres organize an annual tournament where they bet on teams fighting each other for the occasion.”

“You’re going to become a simple foetus!! And I’ll crush your head!!”

“Now is time to finnish this fight! You’ve made me very angry!!”

“Usually, armor is for the protection of the one wearing it. Mine is a bit different. I wear it in order to control my power. It’s a terrible power that I can’t even control.”

“Aaaaaahhhh!!! What the —- !? The power is acting like acid!!! See — we’re melting!!”

“It looks like a lot of flowers are flying around as if to protect Kurama! But… Karasu doesn’t seem bothered by them at all!!”

(Otherwise-immobilized Kurama attacks opponent with his hair.)
Opponent: What… With his hair!?
Kurama: Sorry. I can also use my hair.

I swear to god, Kurama is the most exploitive shounen-manga bishounen ever. He gestures dramatically with roses, and attacks people with his lovely long hair, and sometimes wears a cheongsam, and (spoilers up to volume 13 under the cut) Continue reading More brilliant Yu Yu Hakusho dialog