Mar 06 2007

The Merchant of Venice In Brief

(This text was originally posted on LiveJournal. It has been reformatted (awkwardly) for use on WordPress.)

( ANTONIO: I know not why I am so sad. *is so sad* )

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Feb 19 2007

Titus Andronicus In Brief

TITUS: Man, what the fuck is wrong with me?

AARON: No, what the fuck is wrong with me! (Me!)

*LAVINIA has no frickin’ hands anymore.*

LITTLE LUCIUS: What the fuck is wrong with Lavinia?

TITUS: She’s fine! *kills her because there is something fucking wrong with him*

AARON: I work at a goth club. Bartending. In the dark. THE NASTY SYMBOLIC RACIAL DARK THAT IS

*AARON’S KID is maybe Othello? Symbolically?*