Dec 28 2005


(This text was originally posted on LiveJournal. It has been reformatted (awkwardly) for use on WordPress.)

We are in Nashville. I have been buying books.

( You like reading lists of purchases, right? )

Random observations:

This is probably my slashiest book-purchasing-spree ever. The manga all have shounen-ai going on, Ethan of Athos is, of course, The Fluffy Slash Planet book, and though I know nothing about this particular book, I have certain *expectations* of Ellen Kushner.

I wonder if Hakkai’s getting kind of tired of hanging around in large, flat spaces containing varying quantities of human remains. This is what, the third time for him? The others have kept it down to two, but Hakkai’s managed to be present for all three crazy death-field incidents; he’s the only one to end up in *both* hypnosis-induced alternate realities. It’s becoming kind of a problem.

I opened Ethan of Athos to three random pages, and Cee was angsting on, precisely, one of them. This is about right, I think.

The Dolphins of Altair is probably going to be the most awesome book ever. Consider this line of the back cover synopsis: “The dolphins had to find allies and strike back.”


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