Jun 27 2008


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“Well, that looks like the final boss, I guess.”

“It just looks like yet another giant robot to me… Honestly, it lacks the impact it had before.”

Given that the “before” was A GIANT PENIS FROM MERCURY

Chapter 69

This is what “Kishiro writing himself into a corner” looks like. No, there’s a difference! You know what this means!? He planned all that crap before! The “overclocked dual-core brain” and the “Kung Fu Planet” and the “thumb wrestling so hard it leaves a crater”! That was a plan!

Chapter 71

This is so stupid.

Chapter 74


Is this supposed to be some kind of commentary on laissez faire economics and – and patent law?! Mr. Kishiro, you just had a chapter where this guy fought a giant robot penis from Mercury. And now he’s coming out against libertarianism and gene patents? This is not a good way to make a point!

Chapters 76 – 77


Jun 27 2008

The internet lies to me.

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I have been trying to catch up on GUNNM: Last Order, but there are chapters missing in the scanlations. I google for it, and find message board people claiming that there aren’t any chapters missing, and the fact that it goes from 62 to 66 is due to a numbering discrepancy. This is demonstrably untrue. The beginning of 66 talks about a Sechs/Tentacle-Yankee fight that clearly isn’t the same one as the last Sechs/Tentacle-Yankee fight we saw – the one in chapter 60 – because Tentacle-Yankee says Sechs made him promise something during the fight, which did not happen in chapter 60! I am being cruelly deprived of a Sechs fight scene! I can’t even find raws! My life is harrowing.

I am a terrible person, because I am enjoying the main Gally plotline less than I am the one where Sechs gets repeatedly sexually harassed by a guy who can reasonably be nicknamed “Tentacle-Yankee.”

Though the main Gally plotline is actually suddenly awesome again! It’s still probably going to consist entirely of flashbacks and Fighting Your Jungian Double On The Astral Plane for a while longer, but that’s okay now, because it actually went to the place I’d given up on it ever going! Gally’s brain has been a chip since the first volume! She’s been a fake the whole time, just like Sechs, Elf, and Zwolf! They’ll refuse to call her “original” anymore, and will invite her to their secret Bitter Android Brain-Clone Parties! I expect awesomeness of this, Kishiro! Awesomeness and bullying!

Nov 15 2006

(I am never, ever going to get to sleep.)

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Apparently, Yukito Kishiro is taking some time off the main Last Order plotline to start a series called GUNNM Gaiden/write some side stories? Or something? You’re not helpful today, internet.

I’d actually be kind of okay with that. I feel like Last Order is moving really slow. Over the first seven volumes of the original GUNNM, we had like six plot arcs spanning about fifteen years. That was one of the things I liked so much about it. It was a fighting manga with no filler! No monsters-of-the-day! A new, absurdly melodramatic plotline that completely breaks Alita’s heart almost every volume! This was awesome.

But at seven volumes of Last Order, we’ve only covered a few months of time – the past three volumes have just been a couple of days. And they haven’t really been eventful days, by Kishiro’s usual standards. An eventful day for Alita used to be:

( cut for massive spoilers for first series, minor spoilers for Last Order )

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