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Last night I dreamed I went through what I’ve read of Detective Loki, found that there were no scenes of Narugami without his shirt on, and came to the realization he had to be a cross-dressing girl. Because that’s the only possibility? This is what manga does to you.

And now I’m totally convinced that that would be awesome. It is not, however, going to happen. (Now that I’m thinking about it awake, I think he is shirtless for a second in the wedding story.)


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I am the sort of person who is capable of unironically enjoying something called “Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok.” It is about how the Norse god Loki did something bad and got banished from Asgard to modern-day Japan, in the form of a seven-year-old-boy, ordered to dispel the demons of darkness from human hearts, which he is to accomplish by opening a detective agency.

This premise was selected by means of throwing darts at someone’s manga collection.