Jun 23 2008

“Earl!! The entire mansion is tainted with EVIL…!!”

Tag: a: kaori yuki,manga — 11:17 pm

As opposed to select areas of the mansion being tainted with E. coli.

Mainlined the second half of Count Cain/Godchild. I’d been putting it off because I wasn’t feeling sufficiently Kaori Yuki. Now my head feels all funny. I worry that parasites are about to burst out of it for the entertainment of men with pretty hair.

There is nothing I can say about Count Cain/Godchild. It is too crazy. There’s a zombie and then several other zombies and a lamb and several hundred nonconsensual organ transplants and reverse-child-molestation, which is when the kid molests the grown-up, because the kid is actually a thirty-five year old with a gland problem, unless the kid is another zombie, or possibly a baby skull that mind-controls parades.

I don’t think anyone ever explained where all those baby skulls came from. In another series this would be a problem. In another series these would be spoilers.