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For some reason, I am reading Hetalia.

For some reason, I am reading Hetalia. published on

This is the manga where various countries are anthropomorphized.

Hungary and Liechtenstein are the only girls. Yeah, I don’t know. The author’s notes are like this:

This is a matter of no importance, but I like to make England speak using typical Tsundere words. “Don’t misunderstand! The pound is high for my sake!”

I appreciate the shoujo-manga absurdity of this conversation between the Holy Roman Empire and Italy. I showed it to Mom. “…who’s “grandpa”?” “The Roman Empire.” “No!” (whole storyline here)

It is basically deeply inappropriate in every way. In what I’ve read, the only Muslim country to show up is Turkey, who is coincidentally also the only non-cute country. Bah. Egypt was there for like one panel at one point, and neither the rest of Africa nor South America have appeared yet. You’d think she he (!) could at least work Brazil in there…