Mar 28 2006

The Hidden Stars, by Madeline Howard/Teresa Edgerton

(This text was originally posted on LiveJournal. It has been reformatted (awkwardly) for use on WordPress.)

I feel like it’s my patriotic duty to review The Hidden Stars by Madeline Howard/Top-Secretly Teresa Edgerton in such a way that you will want to go buy it. But every time I try to start, I end up with some variation on this sentence:

Goddamnit woman, if you hadn’t written Goblin Moon…!

So there’s a problem.

( ‘All giant serpents will be fitted with sports goggles to prevent eye injuries.’ )

When I was babbling at my mom trying to explain my annoyance with my recent purchase, it kind of inevitably occurred to me that this is Edgerton’s first novel since 9/11 (because I just assume that everyone is depressed by the same things as I am) – there are a lot of scenes of military guys looking at each other grimly, and by that I mean, a lot lot. In the book, the thing that’s finally going to kill everybody is ancient, indestructible monsters buried sleeping all over the world, which the bad guys have started to wake up. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help suspecting what those monsters are supposed to be.

I already said I didn’t think it was subtle.

I’m going to read the rest of the series, because, well… because that’s how it works. But I’m still going to bitch about it on the internet! You can make me buy icky books, Teresa Edgerton – but no force on earth can stop me from whining on LiveJournal.


(The names in this entry were edited 2006/06/13 because I noticed Edgerton was no longer being required to keep it private that she was Howard. She technically was when I first posted this (though she cheated mentioning it on her message board), so I kept her real name out, except for a nofollow link to I bothered to edit it because I’m procrastinating on stuff right now.)

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Mar 24 2006

Tea is necessary.

Filenames in the “Magus Anmere: Cyborg Werewolf” folder:


I’m tired and was having to open them to figure out what they were just now. If stuff can surpass its maker and go rogue, my filenames will shortly be rising up against me.

I think the tempo of songs stretches out in the time they spend sitting on CD’s and hard drives. In a thousand years, an advanced civilization will discover the last remaining open Apache server, and be unable to recognize its contents as music, its pace will have so slowed in the intervening centuries.

Status of review of The Hidden Stars – still too sad

Status of Green Lion re-read – half-way through third book; convinced world needs Ceilyn/Tryffin slash

Mar 09 2006


And yet all of a sudden I am the happiest girl in the whole wide world and need to get to a bookstore immediately.