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I CANNOT BE STOPPED published on 2 Comments on I CANNOT BE STOPPED

I sometimes suffer from compulsions to do things like brush my hair exactly a hundred strokes, or make sure all the blinds are pointing the same direction, or build simple structures out of my macaroons, or reread manga that I just read a week ago because I want to memorize the dialog and panel layouts of all my favorite scenes because I love them so very much.

At the moment, this last applies to Please Save My Earth. Do you know why I love this manga? THIS SCENE IS WHY I LOVE THIS MANGA. (No spoilers.)

More manga characters need to answer that question with that statement.

And the whole manga is like this! I mean, it’s really a pretty standard plot and the characters are really pretty standard characters, but the manga just keeps doing charming and unexpected and smart things like this! It makes me happy.


The fangirl in me wants to high-5 you for re-reading manga in general and this one in particular, but the FANGIRL in me couldn’t pass on the opportunity to turn a feint high-5 into a bitchslap for calling the plot and characters “pretty standard”, because even if they might be, …THEY’RE NOT!!! >:(]

Nothing is standard EVER about this manga!!! It’s special, god damn, in EVERY freaking way!

See? Now you made her rant…