Jan 21

Things That Got Licensed Somehow.

Tag: a: himekawa akira,manga — 5:10 pm

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords manga. Four Swords is the one where Link gets split into five Links with different-colored hats, and the one in the black hat is evil! In the game, they basically just fight, but the manga felt that this situation would be improved by a little Linkslash. I guess Link/Link is officially canon now? There’s also Link/Link/Link(?)/Zelda if you own goggles.

You guys should read it, it’s pretty crazy.

Please everyone thank thegeekgene for pointing out to me that it had actually been licensed. For some reason I had thought the eventuality unlikely.

One Response to “Things That Got Licensed Somehow.”

  1. I think fandom can get pretty DIY at some stuff. I just read few of notes, they get pretty funny. Nice