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Photo Essay

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What Mee and Conan (‘s Parents) Sent Me

IMG_7985 (800x600)

IMG_7987 (800x600)

IMG_7989 (800x600)

(The Very Hungry Caterpillar is kana flashcards. There was also a lot of origami paper with this. I used some of it for my Chrismukkougatsu cards.)

What Happened Yesterday

IMG_7978 (600x800)

What I’m Drinking

IMG_7979 (800x600)

(What Happened Yesterday may have been caused in part by dehydration.)

What I’m Not Drinking

IMG_7981 (800x600)

(It’s the Adagio sampler. The only one I really like enough to drink more than once is the Gunpowder. Anyone interested in trading me something for these? I accept other teas, manga, books, and BPAL!)

What I’m Doing To My Face

IMG_7976 (800x600)

(I’m sending it to the 1950s.

I assume that this is what the ladies with hirsutism did in the 1950s.)

What I’ve Been Reading

IMG_7977 (800x600)

What I’ve Been Telling Myself To Read

IMG_7990 (600x800)

(It’s interesting – it’s just that 1) it’s also pretty dry, and, 2) the guy’s only got like four primary sources, all of them Western, which makes me question how accurate it really is.)

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