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Chrismukkougatsu published on

The Haul:

thegeekgeneThe Year of Living Biblically, by AJ Jacobs; Rishi Jade Cloud tea
elongated_tito – little teapot with infuser; incense
Mom – Sugar Sugar Rune 8, by Moyoco Anno; pull-over; purse; two Adagio green tea samplers; two boxes of instant Hon Dashi; scented soap; did not murder me for wrecking her car
Dad – penguin pajamas (this is the third year in a row he’s given everyone novelty pajamas); tickets to see Sherlock Holmes for me and thegeekgene; got Mom’s car fixed
Papaw – donated to charity I used to work for in my name; came and got me at airport late at night due to my having wrecked Mom’s car
Jenan – Spin State, by Chris Moriarty; another box of instant Hon Dashi
Ms. Pelican – wooden pelican sculpture brought back from mission trip to Belize
other stuff I can’t remember right now because I am a terrible human being
senate passed the friggin’ bill


thegeekgene – external hard drive; Persona 3; results of doomed furoshiki-making experiment
elongated_tito – two books (from the Horribly Depressing Collection; she wanted them!); Amazon gift certificate; her furoshiki had only one side hemmed
Mom – two books (from the Garrett PI series); Amazon gift certificate
Dad – Hanukkah-themed coffee
Papaw – donated to a different charity in his name; gave him one of Dad’s four digital cameras, and am going to install software for it on his computer
Jenan – cream candy; origami tiger; Amazon gift certificate
Mo, various people – cream candy; origami tiger
Ms. Pelican – I NEED TO BRING HER SOMETHING AGH. Bake a loaf of bread?

Stuff that has gotten the most use thus far – elongated_tito‘s teapot, with which I have made at least four pots of tea in the past twenty-four hours; Mom and thegeekgene‘s tea, which comprised at least three of those pots; the movie, whose continuity issues I have railed about near-continually; and Jenan’s book, Spin State, which I’ve finished. It was pretty good! But grim. I like how a thousand years in the future, it is still impossible to get compensation for black lung. (Though I am told that the bill may somewhat change that!)

Did Not Get:

Lieberman develops that kind of aphasia where you can only talk if you set your words to song, and for some reason only Kanye West songs work for him, and it’s hilarious, no, you guys, tell me that wouldn’t be great

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