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Flame of Recca is so bad.

Flame of Recca is so bad. published on

I’m reading Flame of Recca. It’s strangely addictive! Though the art, writing, and gender issues are all unbelievably terrible.

I think the Avatar guys must have read it, because villain #1, Kurei, is (minor spoilers for both)

a brilliant swordsman with magic fire powers, a burn scar over his left eye, a megalomaniacal father, and a mother whom his father uses as a hostage. No sister or grandpa, though!

But Kurei’s behavior is generally bad enough that I do not buy his eventual redemption. He makes sincere attempts to murder two cute little orphaned children. Cute little orphaned children who love him and want to be his friend! It is my position that, if you are a villain who intends to be redeemed later, acts of violence against the cute little orphaned children who love you will only hurt your plausibility. They will not help.

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