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I’m better now!

I’m better now! published on

Yes! I’m assuming it was the detergent. The hidden part of this post uses the word “suppositories,” and is precisely as unpleasant as that word’s presence would imply.

I also had hemorrhoids really bad. On top of that other stuff! Or between that other stuff – that’s more accurate.

Being in a situation in which one can’t sit down normally and is obligated to put medicine on one’s privates several times a day is very bleak. I felt like I’d entered some grim underworld; I read Carol Berg some. Now that I’ve escaped, I look upon the creams and napkins sitting around the bathroom with a shudder, as if they are composed of strange dense elements born of that world and never meant to exist in this one, the fabric of ordinary reality cringing away from them in revulsion.

I hid the suppositories in a drawer so I can’t see them anymore.

This post feels oddly as if it was translated from Japanese. Unrelatedly, I’ve been doing kanji flashcards way too much the last couple days. I draw the kanji in the air with my finger, so occasionally I’ve been find my finger moving jerkily of its own accord – attempting to form the kanji that will unseal the forces of darkness for the final battle.

I’m sorry, I think I’m still depressed about the suppositories.

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