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I have leprosy, I’m a leper now.

I have leprosy, I’m a leper now. published on

I’m going to go hang out at the leper colony and help Brother Cadfael solve crimes.

I am placing a cut here because cutting health posts is the civilized thing to do.

I’m having a massive allergic reaction and am covered with itchy red bumps everywhere but my hands, feet, and forehead. This includes my ears, lips, armpits, scalp, under my chin where the fuzz lives, places I will let you assume on your own, and the middle of my back. Though I’ve lost enough weight recently that I can reach the middle of my back to apply the relevant unguents, it is my general preference to avoid situations in which unguents are relevant. If it does not clear up by Monday, I will go see the gynecologist (because she is basically my primary care physician in Kentucky, my previous primary care physician having violated medical ethics and then died while I was living elsewhere), and she will give me a cortizone shot and then suggest that I get my shots, get laser hair removal, and eat curry, perhaps not in that order. Not to imply that I have any problem with the first and last items on this program.

I am not sure what’s causing it – Dad changed detergents recently, so I’m provisionally assuming it’s that, and at Mom’s advice will be re-washing all my laundry and some bath towels with baby detergent. I’ve also taken several Dr. Bronners-only showers, and temporarily retired my lotion in favor of sweet almond oil and cortizone. My diet the last few days has consisted entirely of Raisin Bran, bananas, chicken, broccoli, rye bread, sencha, and pumpkin pie – maybe I should cut out the bananas, pie, and bread? Also retire those in favor of cortizone?

It will be extremely inconvenient if I’m suddenly allergic to cats and dogs, being as this is their house, not mine.

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