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Back in the US.

Back in the US. published on

My plane landed a little before midnight Tuesday, and Dad and I got to the house at about four AM. We were both very tired, so it was a somewhat alarming drive. Mom and thegeekgene waited up for us, and thegeekgene and I exchanged sugar-intensive gifts, as you do at four AM.

I have no idea whether I am jet-lagged. I keep waking up at eight AM and getting sleepy at midnight. This is an unnatural condition, and it cannot last. Yesterday evening, discovering myself to be intensely angry with kanji for no good reason, I decided that today I would hone my mad coding skillz instead. But today, instead, I found myself angry with, first, Game Maker’s scripting language (casting is not robust); second, Disgaea (-ed up in the Item World, wasted forty-five minutes); a Nero Wolfe book (kind of heavy); and my desk (blue). So maybe I am jet-lagged, and it is expressing itself as a sort of broad irritation with all things.

Because I think it is sort of inhumane to talk about airplanes in public, I’m going to cut this. Two hour delay in Tokyo, and I missed my connection. Eventual itinerary got me in six hours late. The Seattle airport had three people and two computers handling two delayed overseas flights. As one of the three people was rebooking me, another stopped her and got into an argument with her about whose fault it was that the two people she’d rebooked just before me’s luggage was sitting out in the middle of the floor, rather than on the conveyor belt as it should have been. I don’t think they came to any conclusion. I was unsurprised to find that my luggage didn’t make it Cincinnati. They mailed it, and it got here yesterday undamaged. The umeshu I got for Mom even made it intact.

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