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I’m smart.

I’m smart. published on

Just realized I have nothing to read on the plane. I packed all my books at the bottom of the hard-side suitcase with my socks and underwear as-is-optimally-volumetrically-efficient. It took me forty minutes to pack, and the takkyubin people are going to be here any minute. They came. My bag is gone. I hope I didn’t accidentally pack the bejeweled casket containing my black heart, from which I cannot be separated for more than one turn of the sun without risking a certain… unpleasant transformation.*

I’ve got ebooks on the DS, but its battery doesn’t last long. I guess I could… buy Twilight at the Narita Airport bookstore? They’ll probably have Twilight. I can’t buy more manga because any manga long enough to last me a whole flight will also require the use of the DS, in its capacity as a dictionary.

* This sentence is, obviously, about menstruation. I packed my thing of pads.

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