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I was half-asleep and I heard Mr. I Don’t Wash My Damn Dishes say out there, “Oh my god – the dictator of North Korea is dead!” And Mr. Probably Stoned said, “Who?” and they had a short conversation about Kim Jong Il’s history and character traits, which I think was drawn heavily from Team America: World Police.

And I woke up completely and was going, Oh, my god, what happens when that happens? Is that good? Or is there rioting and stuff involved, making it not good? (I don’t have a lot of depth to spare for sociopolitical analysis this time of night, I’m sorry.)

I tried to go back to sleep, because I need to get up early and I clearly can do little about Kim Jong Il’s alleged mortality. But obviously I eventually had to get up and make sure North Korea hadn’t imploded. And obviously I should never trust anything Mr. I Don’t Wash My Damn Dishes says.

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