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I’m a bad person.

I’m a bad person. published on

Apparently there have been leaks about the next WoW expansion?

I can tell I’m not really invested in the canonical WoW storyline because:

1) It didn’t even occur to me not to read the spoilers. It didn’t even occur to me to consider them spoilers. I guess that on some level, I do not feel a story is being told here.

2) My big reaction to the Big Major Spoiler that totally shifts the sociopolitical balance of the game’s society was not “wow, that totally shifts the sociopolitical balance of the game’s society!” but rather “man, that totally screws up my awesome fanfic.”

The exciting plot news is that…

The Goblins, the “neutral” group who have always acted as go-betweens between the Alliance and the Horde – and who are, incidentally, horrible Jewish stereotypes – are joining the Horde. Given that the only other neutral party, the Cenarian Circle, is geographically confined to a small area and takes frequent naps, I think that if the goblins join the Horde, everyone just dies.

This messes up my fanfic because it was set in the Goblin capital city of the Undermine, which previously didn’t exist in the game. If the Undermine is, in fact, going live, I can no longer make stuff up to make it less anti-Semitic. Part of the plot was that a Troll diplomat has been killed in the Undermine and Thrall sent a party to investigate, with the ostensible aim of using the incident as a lever to get a mutual defense pact out of them. This is, however, merely a ploy to mess with Varian Wrynn’s head – Thrall, being really smart, obviously agrees with me that things are generally more pleasant for everyone if the Goblins remain neutral. I’d scripted this whole secret conference with Sylvanus about it.

Shut up.

(I hadn’t actually written any of this down, but I’ve been plotting out the first few chapters in my head during my walks the past couple days.)

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