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I am now available ENCRYPTED

I am now available ENCRYPTED published on

Because when I’m stressed out and have a lot of free time, I upgrade my computer’s security. It’s soothing.

Now all I need to do is wait for someone I know to get a public key, making this actually make some kind of sense. (MY PARENTS WILL NEVER DO THIS EVEN THOUGH THEY REALLY, REALLY SHOULD, IT’S PRETTY IMPORTANT IN YOUR GUYS’ LINE OF WORK. Whereas no one actually wants to read my email, being as it mainly concerns Pokemon and my inflammation.)

FireGPG is really buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t recognize my password, even if I just cut-and-pasted it into Enigmail and it worked fine. Sometimes it forgets to ask me for my password, and then says, “Password was incorrect.” And sometimes it forgets to ask me for my password, and then goes ahead and does whatever I was trying to do anyway. I’m pretty sure these are bad things!

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