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Last happy Bonze/Jerkface memory

Last happy Bonze/Jerkface memory published on

On Saturday, during the class wherein Jerkface spoiled HBP, we played an ABC flashcard game, where they had to come up with words for the letters. Bonze got “S”. He said, “S for Professor Snape.”

I can just imagine Bonze thinking all these very serious, conflicted, Bonze-like thoughts about Snape – he is honorable! But he is also mean! He shouldn’t be so mean! But Harry should be more understanding!

A while later, “H” showed up, and I said, “H for Hermione.” Jerkface said, “Ah, Hermione iya da!” I gestured threateningly at him, and he pretended to die, as is his wont. You know, maybe she doesn’t want to hang out with you either, Jerkface.

I will miss Bonze and Jerkface. And Ken’ichi, who was pretending to be a plague zombie, and thus not participating very well.

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