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Catching up on Fullmetal Alchemist.

Catching up on Fullmetal Alchemist. published on

All the way up to chapter 97! It is now 3:28 in the morning.


I stalled out around chapter fifty, so I’m mainly reacting to older stuff.

This probably just means I’m sleep deprived, but I’ve been laughing at this exchange every few minutes since I read it:

“And for the last time, I’m Greed.”

“Yeah, yeah. Greed, Lin, I don’t care. I’m sick of this crap. From now on, you’re Greelin.”


It’s just I never got that far into the anime? And I’ve been imagining Lin with Sokka’s VA.

(When Lin first showed up and was popping out lines very similar to Greed’s, I remember thinking, “I bet he and Greed were originally intended to be one character.” I’m magic!)

Olivia Armstrong and I are getting married.

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