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Someone stop me from reading these Nalini Singh books.

Someone stop me from reading these Nalini Singh books. published on

Spoilers for Psy/Changeling series up to book 3 (Caressed by Ice).



Nalini Singh, all you have to do is give me one stupid book where it’s the heroine who might kill the hero. That’s it. Look, here’s a free plot for you that I came up with in twelve frigging seconds: Indigo falls in love with a drug addict M-Psy they kidnapping and are blackmailing into treating one of the Lauren kids for a Psy-specific disease, and Judd’s going to brainwash him as soon as he’s done. Her contempt for drug users means she’s a douche to him, but gradually she starts to feel for him and decides she’s going to force him to quit before he leaves. And he can be touched by her concern, which she expresses by yelling at him about how weak he is and flushing his drugs down the toilet. It’s perfect. Get to it.

Oh, and you know how else you could make me happy? MAKE GHOST A WOMAN. Yes, I saw you carefully avoiding gendered pronouns there – DO NOT WIMP OUT ON THIS. Make the person who says “There is too much blood on my hands for me ever to be clean” a woman just once. If Ghost turns out to be Krycek, then I will show up at your house and do bad stuff to your pets. Tatiana can be Ghost. She’s not busy.

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