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Replayed Apollo Justice

Replayed Apollo Justice published on

Screw the stupid Edgeworth game – what the world needs is a game where Lamiroir and Machi solve crimes.

I will also accept fanfic.

No, people, just think about this for five seconds. This would be incredible.

(Cut for spoilers for everything.)

Lamiroir is a scrupulously polite blind singer in her thirties with the power to tell when someone is lying! But she’s amnesiac, so she doesn’t remember she has this power, and thus doesn’t realize what it means when she gets wary of someone! She lives in a country which she knows is not her own, but she doesn’t know where her home is! She is very patient with people who exoticize her based on her apparent national origin and her blindness! She is convinced that her past harbors some terrible crime! She’s bilingual, so if we set this before she got famous she can take on skeevy jobs as an interpreter for people who might find it useful that their interpreter be an innocent-seeming blind woman!

Machi is a sweet, adorable orphaned fourteen-year-old piano prodigy who is deeply devoted to Lamiroir and never leaves her side! But he has a dark secret which he cannot reveal even to her – he’s involved in smuggling an item that can be used to create either a rare medicine or a deadly poison, depending on whom the eventual buyer is! He has underworld connections and moral gray areas! And on stage he dresses like a pixie!

Also, Lamiroir is blind but has to pretend she isn’t in public, and Machi isn’t blind but has to pretend he is, which is probably a little over-the-top.

Together, they totally fight crime!

Oh, god, and I almost forgot – Lamiroir’s manager Romein LeTouse is an undercover Interpol agent trying to figure out which of them is the smuggler! He can covertly help them out while being half-convinced that Lamiroir’s amnesia is a cover. I think it would be better if he never seriously suspects Machi, but Machi has suspicions about him, and quietly manipulates him into situations where he might reveal himself as a secret agent.

…please tell me fanfic about Lamiroir and Machi at least exists.

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