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Alarming bits of language float around in a juku with an emphasis on English classes. Sitting on the manager’s desk today was a small piece of white paper on which someone had written “I have no regrets in life.” When I passed by again later, someone else had added a Japanese translation with some notes about the use of “in.”

People keep alerting me, in my official capacity as an American, to Michael Jackson’s death. I’m not sure what reaction I’m supposed to have. Should I moonwalk?

My life is already amply supplied with irritating things, so I don’t know why I spilled a glass of water on my laptop this morning. It just seems very unnecessary of me. I didn’t think any had gotten in, and I was on Skype with Mom, so I didn’t turn it off. But after about ten minutes the screen began to flicker alarmingly. I yanked out the battery and set the computer in front of the fan the rest of the day. I’ve been using it for about an hour now, and it seems okay, but I’ve backed up my important files, and I’m going to run a full backup tonight.

Vista allegedly has a built-in incremental backup utility, but shockingly, it appears that it doesn’t work right and Microsoft doesn’t know why. Oh, Vista. I think I will try DeltaCopy. (I’ve been doing my backups manually, which obviously means I haven’t done a full one in forever.)

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