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Echigo-Yuzawa published on

Went to Echigo-Yuzawa and rode the skylift and ate soba and suchlike with Mo today. There may be mountain pictures later, depending on whether they look horrible when I unload the camera.

I brought Mo a box of Niigata-local-specialty-or-at-least-that’s-what-it-says-on-the-box-type cookies – this is a Japan thing – because she said she’d never been to Niigata city before. She brought me anko Peeps (about which, as I have previously mentioned, I am enthusiastic), Maisen tonkatsu (which is apparently famous and is incredibly good, and I don’t even normally like tonkatsu), and Sadaharu Aoki macarons (also insanely good and apparently both famous and expensive). I maybe feel slightly guilty?

I think the moral here is, if I mention that I can’t find pinto beans here and she asks me if I want her to bring me up a kilo, don’t say “no,” because she will come up with something even bigger.

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