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I had Mr. Weepy by himself for a make-up lesson yesterday. It was actually a really good day for him! That means that he hit me in the eye with a plastic golf club – but only once. And he said he wouldn’t do it again. I guess when he’s by himself, he doesn’t feel the need to demonstrate to Mr. Clown and Miss Foo how much tougher he is than the teacher.

Goody Proctor also had a make-up. This is only the second time I’ve had her without the Devil, and it’s hard to get a handle on her this way, because she’s pretty self-contained. It’s not just with me; she’s like that around everyone. I was kind of surprised at first, because she’s a really flamboyant-looking person fashion-wise – kind of a compromise between a Fruits girl and the Japanese interpretation of hip-hop aesthetics. Now I think she’s kind of the shy type who tries to let her clothes speak for her. (Mr. K’s mom (who’s very young) is the same type.)

It’s hard to get her interested in just games when there’s only the two of us there. When the Devil’s there, they compete, but she doesn’t want to compete with me. I finally figured out towards the end of class that she gets more interested if I let her get really free-form in coming up with sentences, instead of giving her building blocks like I do most of the other kids. Like, to Ken’ichi, Jerkface, or Kitty, if I want them to come up with a sentence in the form, “Yuzu went to school yesterday,” I have to point to Yuzu and hold up the flashcard for “yesterday.” Any less and they stall and complain about how much work it is, and their turns take too long, and the games take forever. (Jerkface and Kitty are getting better about this, but I’m close to writing Ken’ichi off as doomed in this regard. He is not a child who enjoys having to take initiative.)

Goody Proctor gets much more interested when I give her one-word prompts, or no prompt. She started asking me for vocab she didn’t know. “What’s that?” “Garbage can.” “Okay. The Devil went into the garbage can today.” Aww, Goody Proctor. I’m going to tell her you said that.

(Mee is like this, too, but then she’s very dedicated to the craft of insults.)

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