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Agh! published on

In speaking of Mr. Weepy, I caused him to manifest himself! I was walking back from the bank just now and saw him and his mom. They live a block away! I pass their house every time I walk to the bank or the mall! They were out in the driveway barbecuing, and Mr. Weepy was wearing gigantic safety gloves. His mom ran across the street to say hi to me, but Mr. Weepy stayed over by the grill and waved at me warily, very uncertain about my presence.

I kind of feel weird about it, too. Not to the point of taking a different route, or anything, but kind of weird. Despite my constant -ing about his classes, I like Mr. Weepy, but his parents just strike me as being pretty irresponsible.

I think Miss Hee-Hee lives nearby, too – I ran into her and her mom Thursday. For some reason, before I started this job I never got into the habit of noticing family resemblances. I think I’m doing so now because now I need to be able to tell which mom to give which kid’s homework to. Anyway, Miss Hee-Hee really is a tiny copy of her mom, except for the smirk. Same with Princess, Miss Dolphin, and Miss Ko-Omote. Cookie and his little brother (nickname Cake) look so much alike that I’ve confused them a couple times – I’m betting I would recognize their dad if he ever showed up, because they didn’t get those bugged-out eyes from their mom.

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