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Apparently, if two new students get confused about when class is and show up at closing time, the school would rather send them home than have me work an hour overtime. (I leave at seven on Saturdays, but the juku teachers aren’t done until eight, so they wouldn’t have been keeping the office open just for the one class or anything.) I offered, but the manager said no. I’m kind of surprised, because they’re pretty paranoid about losing the newer students.

On one hand, I’m sad Mee missed class today, because, you know, she’s Mee. On the other hand, I had a free slot this morning. I just ended up using it to manufacture more paperwork for myself, though. My spreadsheets are thorough.

Ken’ichi has forgotten his homework notebook for two weeks running. He also has a skin disease and doesn’t sleep at night. I’m worried that he might be an alternate universe version of myself. Maybe I should warn him about the hats thing.

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