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How to be sick.

How to be sick. published on

1) Sleep until eleven.

2) Run out of toilet paper.

3) Stumble to the store to get some, startling a kid so he crashes his bike and skins his knee right in front of me. Ask “Are you okay?!” in English a couple times before you remember you’re in Japan. Give him tissues.

3a) His parents show up in the car. Parents, in Japanese: “Did you fall down again!?” His little brother, hanging out the window, in English: “Bye-bye!”

4) Come back and go back to bed another six hours.

5) It didn’t work.

I feel like I’ve been microwaved in a tin cup. As for some reason invariably happens when I get sick, I want to play Pokemon.

I guess I could have caught this from nearly any of the kids – there were a lot of runny noses this week.

(I for some reason don’t feel my Policy applies to this, I think because I think the Bye-bye kid is cute and the tin cup image is funny. It’s a flexible Policy?)

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