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Miss Hee-Hee was not in the mood to study today. She made claims.

Miss Hee-Hee: My turn!

Me: Your turn to what?

Miss Hee-Hee: *climbs into my chair* My teacher!

Me: Are you the teacher?

Miss Hee-Hee: Ye-es. I’m teacher!

Miss Hee-Hee communicates her ideas extremely effectively for a five-year-old. I’ve got sixth-graders who can’t get their mutinies across this well. I’m very lucky that she’s ticklish, or I would have few weapons to use against her.

Miss Ko-omote and Miss Foo asked me what color my car was. “No car!” “No car?! Do you walk to work every day?!” asked Miss Ko-omote, shocked. Their mother appeared very embarrassed by this information. Lady, I’m not living here permanently, I don’t have two kids to haul around, and I live close to the station – it would make zero sense for me to get a car.

Miss Extreme asked me today if Americans just walked around smoking pot in public like Japanese people do cigarettes. I acknowledge that I may have felt a brief impulse to say “yes.”

(It took her a second to remember the word “marijuana,” which is the same in Japanese. She said she’d seen it on TV, and that college students grow it in their rooms these days! She found this idea pretty shocking. (She’s maybe twenty-seven or twenty-eight.))

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