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Yukata and eggplants.

Yukata and eggplants. published on

I now own this yukata, and have learned how to put it on. Yukata obi are easier than Nagoya obi, but I still don’t have the motor skills for them. I’m also shaped like an eggplant. Kimono are designed for more cylindrically-shaped people.

I feel kind of rude about getting the yukata at Uniqlo. The shop where we went to for the class was also selling yukata for about the same price, and I kinda brought mine in still in the Uniqlo packaging? I’m not very classy.

Apparently, at least some Japanese kids get very excited about eggplants. In the grocery store today, I saw a little girl pointing excitedly to a display of eggplants, saying, “Mom, look, it’s eggplant! Get some eggplant!” I see kids doing this about strawberries, sweet potatoes, and curry (not together), but this is the first indication I’ve seen that eggplant is also a Kid Food in Japan.

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